SXSW: Life Lessons From A Professional Dominatrix

When I became a Professional Dominatrix at the starry-eyed age of 22 I thought I was looking ahead at a short but exhilarating job of make-believe. That job turned into a personal mission and a career. Now, with more than a decade of foot worship, latex catsuits, leather corsets, and a stable of full time…

Thank you so much for a wonderful fun and informative class. I enjoyed how animated, creative, and engaged you were and appreciated that you offered [the class] a chance to ask questions and share experiences. I will be on the look out for more of your classes in the future!


Thank you for a great class last night. I identify as a submissive and found the insights into the Dominants views very helpful. I feel I walked away with new tools to help with better communication and understanding in my relationships.

Ms Mode

Thank you for your class at IMsL, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'd never been to a Humiliation/Degradation class before, so I really learned a lot. The most interesting part was learning about different levels/intensities of play in the spectrum, and all the options that were available.


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