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Workshops are available as 60, 90, or 120 minutes presentations.

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Signature Classes

Authentic Kink 

Kinksters often have to depend on erotica and porn to learn what kink looks and feels like, but unfortunately that can create a lot of myths, misunderstandings and accidental mistakes. BDSM is so focused on activity, but just because you’re going through the motions doesn’t mean you’ll have a happy, healthy experience. It can take years (and plenty of bad scenes) to help you learn exactly what you enjoy and why. But it doesn't have to if you spend time reflecting on your needs and limits ahead of time. In this class Princess Kali will teach you how to have the most authentic & fulfilling kink experience possible. Over the last 18 years in the kink scene, Kali has developed a straightforward method for discovering your most authentic kinky self.


Going Beyond Yes, No, Maybe: How to Get Exactly What You Want in Sex and Kink 

“So, what are you into?” is the most common and yet most useless question in sex and kink negotiations. It is time to move beyond a yes, no, maybe checklist and approach our scenes and sexuality with all the nuance they deserve. 

During this class, Kali will share the revolutionary negotiation concepts that she’s developed during the past 20 years as a lifestyle and professional kinkster. These easy-to-implement communication strategies will fine-tune your negotiations, no matter how long you’ve been playing, whether you are new or have been around the block more than a few years. Do you want to have more satisfying sexual experiences? Then you want to attend this class!


Enough To Make You Blush: Exploring Erotic Humiliation (this is a general overview style class)

Humiliation is such a complex and varied fetish that many lifestyle and professional players hesitate to delve very deeply into the many fun options for embarrassing, degrading or humiliating their submissive. After attending this workshop however, both light and heavy players will be equipped with exciting new ideas to use and expand upon. Everything from dehumanization, to chastity training, to verbal humiliation and water-sports will be discussed, as well as How to Humiliate Happily- the ways to make sure that everyone is getting what they need from the experience.


Behind the Blush: Humiliation Survey Secrets (brand new class!)

Behind the Blush, companion to the updated edition of Princess Kali’s classic erotic humiliation book, Enough to Make You Blush, features 500+ pages of quotes from people of all ages, genders, and sexual preferences about their experiences with erotic humliation. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With more than 700 respondents, Princess Kali’s 2016 and 2021 surveys represent the largest collection of qualitative data on how kinksters across the globe think about and explore erotic humiliation. 

Princess Kali will pull back the curtain on the results of these comprehensive surveys, sharing data-driven insights into what constitutes healthy humiliation, who’s playing, what confidence has to do with it, and how important aftercare really is, just for starters. She’ll also answer open-ended humiliation questions from survey participants about the cultural/historical context of humiliation, the intersection between humiliation and sex work, the relationship between BDSM and love, and so much more.


Erotic Slut Shaming: Exploring Sexual Humiliation   

Erotic Slut-Shaming describes all the wonderful ways to play with transforming society's disdain for slutty behavior into an erotic and arousing way to play with psychological torment. We’ll discuss a variety of ways to get into (or get your partner into) “slut-space” such as - nudity, sex, masturbation, orgasm control, and so much more!


A Deeper Shade of Red - Advanced Erotic Humiliation & Degradation - (must be presented with Enough to Make You Blush as an intro class)

Humiliation isn’t just about smeared mascara and groveling under boots, it’s also about exploring vulnerability, trust, control, and sacrifice through absurdity, amusement, and consensual cruelty. If you’ve played with psychological torment before & are interested in learning more about your desires & potential new ways to play, then this class is definitely for you. We’ll dive deeper into more “hardcore” aspects of psychological sadism in ways that minimize risk and maximize creativity when playing on the edge.


The Ethics of Erotic Humiliation (brand new class! must be presented with Enough to Make You Blush as an intro class)

Have you ever wondered if it’s ethical to do humiliation play? It can be a confusing question from both outside and inside the play. How can anyone tell the difference between sexy adventures and abusive behavior when it all looks the same on the surface? In this facilitated discussion, Princess Kali will share her unique expertise from nearly 20 years of experience with consensual psychological torment. Learn how to navigate the individual ethics of your unique kinky and sexual play, including: consent, finding healthy motivation, aftercare, and more.


Special Events

Humiliation Truth or Dare - an Interactive (& Consensual!) Game

Get ready for a game that’ll have you laughing (both WITH and AT people!) Dominants, switches and submissives can all enjoy this round-robin game of truth or dare. ‘Fess up about your desires, hear others darkest fantasies & get some action with kinky dares. Have as little, or as much control over your participation as you want, it’s all in good fun!

(This fun game can be done during a 1 hour workshop slot or as a special 90 minute event.)


Guess That Fetish!

Join Princess Kali for a perverted guessing game where you can win kinky, fun prizes! Do you know what Amaurophilia is? Do you experience Erythrophilia? Are you aroused by Lygophilia? This fast paced, interactive exploration of the correct clinical name for fetishes will determine how well versed you are in the adventures of perversion. Who’s the kinkiest person in the room? We’ll find out!


Dominance & Submission

You're Not a DomBot!: Dominant Self-Care 

In erotica and porn, dominance always looks calm, cool and self-assured. But in the real world it’s a lot more complicated than that. The doms that we read about, watch and fetishize effortlessly engineer a cathartic scene for their temporary or long-term partner, dancing along the edge of physical or psychological torment, in the end returning gently to the “real world,” exhausted, renewed, satisfied.

These idealized dominants are responsible for brainstorming inspired scene ideas, framing the negotiation and making sure that the submissive communicates clearly, orchestrating emotionally and physically draining sessions, providing the perfect aftercare, all while wearing high-heels or skin-tight leather pants. It can be exhausting! It’s no wonder that even experienced tops can so often feel burned out, like kink has become an obligation instead of a source of joy. It takes a lot to be a dominant, whether it’s for a single scene, or in a longer term D/s relationship. Creativity, confidence, discipline, energy, care and so much more.

This class is designed to help dominants manage expectations - their own and their submissive’s - and to get the care they need to deal with top-drop (yes, top-drop is a real thing), and avoid longer-term kink-burnout. You will learn to let go of scene perfectionism, confront the notion that you’re supposed to be a mind-reader, and deflect the expectation that as a dominant, you’re an inexhaustible engine of unspeakable perversion. Learn how to get the support you need whether it’s from yourself, a well-trained partner or from someone (or somewhere) entirely different.


How to Create and Maintain a Service Relationship

The term “service” often conjures images of household drudgery. But there are many ways someone can be “of service” beyond household tasks, including fetish service, sexual service, and so much more.

For some kinksters, there's nothing like scrubbing away at the floor or toilet while a stern dominant looks on in silent judgment, or ignores them from the next room.  But if you think unwashed dishes and dirty laundry are the only options, this class will expand your service horizons no matter which side of the dynamic you’re on.

Many tops and dominants dream about having a well-behaved service submissive to call their very own. But finding one pre-trained can be rough and training away bad behaviors can be even rougher! Thankfully, there is a solution to make the process smoother for both sides. Join Princess Kali as she shares tips and techniques for anyone in a service based relationship (or anyone who wants to be!)


Becoming a Sexually Dominant Woman

There are a lot of myths about powerful women and they can get in the way when you want to tap into your femme power. Fortunately, Princess Kali can make it much easier to be both strong and feminine. She’ll help you discover your dominant persona and style, offer tips on becoming comfortable in that role, show you a few basic kinky toys, get you started on using sexy verbal play, and more. She’ll even give you some ideas for bringing service submission into your play so your partner can pamper you the way you deserve! Let your powerful side out and see how much fun she can be! This workshop focuses on women with male partners but includes concepts that are applicable to anyone.


Women Taking Power: D/s Dynamic as Feminist Expression

Every woman has a right to choose what their experience of sexuality is, though many women struggle with fitting their desire to be submissive or dominant into their philosophy of feminism. This facilitated group discussion will address the process that each woman goes through to claim their own power, regardless of which side of the D/s dynamic she prefers. (This is a group discussion).


Play & Practice

The Creative Kinksters' Guide to a Sexy and Exciting Scene

A creative scene doesn't always require an extensive set up, big muscles, or a lot of time. The Creative Kinkster philosophy says to use your brain rather than your brawn! Princess Kali will share dozens of concrete examples for both Tops AND Bottoms on how to get more inventive in designing your play time. Using inexpensive resources, imaginative mindsets and 'real world' situations that will help keep your play hot and happening often, without putting in any extra work! This class is appropriate for all sides of the power dynamic, all genders, all skill levels and differently-abled body types. It's a seriously surprisingly versatile class!


The Dragon-tail: The most versatile tool in your toy bag!

With a just a simple piece of rolled leather, you can elicit sensations ranging from stingy, like a single-tail or thuddy, like a paddle. Not much energy is needed to really make an impact with this unassuming toy, but with a fierce flick of the wrist there’s no denying the power of the dragon-tail! Learn various techniques, positions for your sub/bottom, and glamorous actions to impress your friends and dungeon-mates.


Face Slapping - Hand to Cheek

Not just for Hollywood Heroines and offended prudes, face slapping can be a playful and powerful way to get Your point across. From a light tap on the cheek to a back-swing bitch-slap, there are as many ways to do it, as there are reasons to enjoy it. Come learn the history and techniques of face slapping and leave the class feeling slap-happy!


Chastity Training: Learning to Love the Lock

Chastity Training and Orgasm Control can add a whole new (and surprising!) dimension to your power exchange or sexual relationships. Chastity often strikes terror as well as exhilaration in the heart of the one being locked. As a keyholder, you can play with a mix of tease and denial, power and control, and some physical suffering thrown in for good measure! Orgasm Control can be used for short periods (hours and days) or long periods (weeks, months, and years.) 

Whether you are using chastity to offer a demonstration of your submission, to prevent a bottom from getting off while they get you off, or to heighten sexual senses to bring both partners deeper into a more powerful D/s exchange. Making Chastity Training work for you is more possible than you think!



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You are definitely one of the few educators who are tackling the tough BDSM topics and just diving in. Your years of experience really show when you teach. I am so thankful for your knowledge!


Thank You so much for presenting over the weekend. I greatly enjoyed your class. You helped me think of new ideas to unleash my sadistic side and cant wait to try them out. I loved your energy, personality and stories. 


Fabulous class! Great info delivered with enthusiasm. I loved all the practical content & examples [giving me] ideas to build off of. Great emphasis on the myth of D/s versus the reality & how to communicate to keep things interesting without dropping roles. I will definitely recommend your classes!


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