Podcast Interviews

What Women (and Other Wonderful Humans) Want

Part One

I enjoyed the conversation with Jon (aka HiThereCatsuit) so much that we decided to do a two-part interview!

In part one we discuss erotic humiliation, sex work, Kink Academy, and finding love and connection even when the world seems like a lonely place.

What Women (and Other Wonderful Humans) Want

Part Two

I enjoyed the conversation with Jon (aka HiThereCatsuit) so much that we decided to do a two-part interview!

In part two we focus entirely on financial domination, including the differences between ethical and sleazy styles, risk tolerance, and why findom is just like any other edgy kink.


The Dildorks

With Bex Caputo and Kate Sloan

Bex and Kate are two of my favorite podcasting kinksters who bring a lot of transparency and joy to their kink & sex adventures.


American Sex Podcast

With Sunny Megatron and Ken Melvoin-Berg

Sunny Megatron and Ken Melvoin-Berg are the hosts of the American Sex Podcast (you might recognize them from the Showtime show "Sex With Sunny Megatron) that a fun, down-to-earth vibe to their sex and kink educational pursuits.


Off the Cuffs

With Dick Wound, minimum maximus, Lexual Romance, and Bidaily

Off the Cuffs is a "kink and BDSM podcast, for those in the lifestyle and those who are curious" with the two hosts, Dick and max who talk about their own kink journeys.



With Axe

Masocast is a podcast I've been on a few times! In 2011 I was on to talk about Kink Academy and I had a great time then, so I was delighted when Axe, the host of Masocast, invited me back to talk about humiliation and of course, my book Enough To Make You Blush in 2016 and then again in 2019.


Sex Out Loud

With Tristain Taormino

Tristain Taormino is a legend in the sex-ed world, she’s worked in every aspect of the industry and has been an outspoken feminist voice advocating for pleasure based pornography and showing an awesome range of diversity the videos she produces and directs. So I’m sure you can imagine how excited I was to be invited on her podcast, Sex Out Loud.

(The audio for this NSFW episode auto-starts, so be sure you have your headphones in or volume down)


Sex Gets Real

With Dawn Serra

Most recently I chatted with Dawn Serra for Sex Gets Real, she called our conversation “delicious” and I’d have to agree! I never get tired of talking about the depth of psychological play kinksters can explore and I could NEVER get tired of helping kinksters find their most informed and enjoyable erotic humiliation experience!


Life In the Swingset

With Katie, Dylan, Cooper, and Ginger

For In The Swingset, we focused on cuckolding, since the podcast is focused on swinging & cuckolding is one of the more sexually driven fetishes under the erotic humiliation umbrella. The show is hosted by KatieDylanCooper & Ginger…so it ends up being quite a lively conversation. They live-tweet every interview too, so here’s a few of the brilliant bits they shared!


Why Are People Into That?

With Tina Horn

Also I had a delightful conversation on Into That with Tina Horn and we ranged all over topics including our mutual love of erotic humiliation play, the adventures of professional domination, the awesomeness of KinkAcademy.com, the humiliation element in some mainstream viral videos & so much more.