FinDom Fumbles: The Top 3 Errors New Doms Make

Person holding cash

So, you’ve decided to dip your toes into the fascinating world of financial domination! Maybe you’ve heard stories of expensive gifts, loyal submissives, or waking up to a surprise $1,000 tribute. Maybe you’re enticed by the allure of being in control of someone else’s finances (who could blame you?). But before you dive headfirst into…

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Findom Debt Contracts: The Allure of Erotic Paperwork

The allure of financial domination lies in the exhilarating power dynamics it cultivates, and at the heart of this dynamic lies the commitment of a debt contract—a potent symbol of submission and devotion that sets pulses racing in the world of findom.  For findoms (financial dominants), the seductive appeal of a debt contract lies not…

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Elevate Your Findom Confidence with the FinDom Philosophy: Virtual Intensive

Hand holding up rhinestone piggy bank

Hey there! If you’ve ever dipped your toes into the world of financial domination (findom), you know it can be both exhilarating and daunting. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, building and sustaining confidence and a genuine understanding is crucial for success and enjoyment in this unique kink. That’s where my intensive comes…

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27 Times To Send To Your Favorite FinDom

In the fabulous world of financial domination, sending money to your favorite findom is more than just a transaction—it’s a way to show loyalty, devotion, appreciation, adoration, respect, and so much more. Financial tributes and gifts carry a lot of meaning, transforming ordinary moments into powerful statements of submission and connection. This isn’t just about…

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Announcing the First Annual International FinDom Day

Assorted cash from different countries

As a long time findomme and financial domination enthusiast, I’ve decided that we money kinksters need a holiday to celebrate our kink. Since I created National Erotic Humiliation Day in 2016, it’s been a delight to join my fellow humiliation fetishists in celebrating our shared proclivities. Shedding light on erotic humiliation feels especially meaningful since…

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Are Money Hang-Ups Holding You Back in Findom?

Have you ever thought about why you feel the way you do about money? Maybe you feel a pang of guilt when you splurge on something nice or perhaps you feel a rush of excitement when your bank balance goes up. These feelings aren’t just random; they’re deeply rooted in our personal money stories—narratives shaped…

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What’s It Like to Attend the FinDom Philosophy: Virtual Intensive? 

If you’ve signed up for the FinDom Philosophy: Virtual Intensive (or are thinking about it), Welcome! I’m thrilled to have you there, and I know it’s going to be a valuable training.  But I also know it’s a big commitment, and I imagine you haven’t had the opportunity to attend an intensive like this—at least,…

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Is Ethical Financial Domination Even Possible?

Recently I received this message in my Fetlife inbox. “Is Ethical Financial Domination even possible?” I’m always a bit surprised to hear this from fellow kinksters, though I shouldn’t be. Can’t that question be applied to everything we do? “Is ethical [your favorite kink here] even possible?  Someone who doesn’t understand how consent and context is critically…

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