Announcing the First Annual International FinDom Day

As a long time findomme and financial domination enthusiast, I’ve decided that we money kinksters need a holiday to celebrate our kink.

Since I created National Erotic Humiliation Day in 2016, it’s been a delight to join my fellow humiliation fetishists in celebrating our shared proclivities. Shedding light on erotic humiliation feels especially meaningful since it’s a kink that often doesn’t get much acknowledgement outside of our own private relationships and fantasies—much like money kink.

So come, dear FinDoms and finsubs, and join as we raise our glasses in celebration of our shared love for financial domination.

What is financial domination?

Financial domination at its core is the use of money as a tool of erotic power, control, and dominance with the intent of arousal, intimacy, or both.

As with other kinks, consent, negotiation, and a baseline of interpersonal care are necessary for financial domination to be done ethically. Contrary to what you might have heard, actual abuse and real-life ruination are not inherent to—or appropriate for—financial domination!

The traditional view of financial domination (a phrase coined by the originator of modern findom, Princess Sierra) is “money in exchange for nothing.” While this is one approach to findom, I have found that money kink can encompass a wide variety of dynamics. Much of the time, finsubs exchange money for a personal, emotional state: a kernel kink. This may involve feeling appreciated, valuable, used, degraded, enjoyed, tossed aside, or something else entirely. I go into more detail about the feelings that people tend to desire from findom play in my article, Interested in Exploring Financial Domination… But Hate the Conventional Approach?

Why does the world need an International FinDom Day?

Financial domination is often misunderstood, and even shunned, by many kinksters and vanilla folks alike. While the tides are fortunately beginning to turn on the world’s perception of findom, acceptance is still far from widespread. It is rarely portrayed in a positive light, due to stigma and misconceptions (much like sex work). But findom deserves to be celebrated!

Money kink is a pleasurable and connecting experience for many kinksters, myself included. It can be a liberating outlet for expressing deep parts of ourselves that aren’t welcome in most settings. Even if on the surface it doesn’t always look like it’s a positive experience, many money kinksters find immense sexual pleasure and emotional connectedness through financial dominance. The way that we can feel seen and appreciated through something as nontraditional (and frankly, even a bit wacky) as findom is a testament to the incredible complexity and vitality of human expression.

Part of my work in the field of kink and BDSM education over the past 25 years has been shifting the culture into a more positive understanding of kinks that are on the fringes, especially within the kink world. That is why I created National Erotic Humiliation Day back in 2016. Raising awareness of the positive side of another oft-misunderstood kink has been delightful. I love seeing the creative and brave ways that people celebrate Humiliation Day each year.

Just like with erotic humiliation, I believe that we money kinksters deserve to have the positive experiences that we have in this kink acknowledged and accepted. And what better way to promote acceptance than a dedicated day of celebration!

Why June 24th?

The ancient Roman goddess of fortune, Fortuna, was historically honored in June, a month which Romans associated with warmth and vitality. Fortuna was believed to embody the unpredictable nature of life. Romans believed that she held sway over the fate of individuals, families, and the entire empire. She was worshiped fervently, with temples and shrines erected in her honor across the vast expanse of the Roman world.

The goddess Fortuna, with her dominion over luck, chance, and fortune, serves as a compelling inspiration for practitioners of financial domination (findom). In the realm of findom, individuals derive power and pleasure from controlling and manipulating financial resources, often within consensual relationships. Much like Fortuna, who held sway over the destinies of mortals, findoms wield influence over their subjects’ wealth and abundance.

The allure of findom lies in the embodiment of Fortuna’s essence—the ability to bestow blessings or withhold favors at whim. Findoms may see themselves as modern-day embodiments of the goddess, embracing her capricious nature to assert dominance and command obedience from their submissives. By invoking the archetype of Fortuna, findoms find inspiration to navigate the intricate dynamics of wealth, power, and desire within their chosen realm of domination and submission.

Ideas for celebrating International FinDom Day

This international celebration is designed to unite enthusiasts from every corner of the world in celebration of their shared passion for financial dominance. It’s a day to rejoice in your own creative sexual expression.

Kinky people are the MacGyvers of the sexuality world (for those of you who are too young for this reference, think scrappy, creative problem solvers with a touch of genius). International FinDom Day is the perfect time to revel in the intoxicating rush of findom play and celebrate the unique bond shared between findoms and finsubs. From tributes and lavish gifts to tantalizing tasks and daring challenges, I invite you to spend your day indulging in the pleasures of financial submission and dominance.

Ways to Celebrate (for FinDoms)

  • Write and post an article about how you got started in findom, what you love about it, and how finsubs can send gifts and tributes.
  • Create a theme for the gifts and tributes you desire for International FinDom Day, for example, a special vacation or registration for a unique kink event (like the upcoming FinDom Philosophy: Virtual Intensive ).
  • Do a special livestream or offer fun findom games during cam shows to inspire gifts and tributes.

Ways to Celebrate (for finsubs)

  • Send a financial tribute (along with a link to this article) to your five favorite findoms or femdoms and let them know why you admire and appreciate them.
  • Ask your favorite findom what their favorite charity is. Send a donation to the charity, and send a tribute to the findom in the same amount.
  • Choose a gift for your favorite findom that’s based on something you’re confident that they enjoy. Read through their website or social media to discover preferences and interests.

More Inspiration from Goddess Fortuna

Worship and Gratitude

The festival dedicated to Fortuna served as an occasion to acknowledge her benevolence, seek her favor, and express gratitude for blessings received. The celebrations provided a moment of respite from the rigors of everyday life, allowing Romans to set aside their worries and revel in the joy of communal festivities, not unlike the levity that findom play brings into the lives of many money kinksters.

The festival typically commenced with solemn rites conducted at her temples. Offerings of incense, flowers, and symbolic items representing luck and prosperity were presented to the goddess. Priests and devotees gathered to offer prayers and petitions, invoking Fortuna’s blessings for abundance, success, and good fortune in the months ahead.

  • Finsub Recommendation – Send your favorite findom (or even better, every findom you admire) a financial tribute with real (or virtual) flowers.
  • FinDom Recommendation – Suggest (or command) your finsubs and fans create a special altar to you for International FinDom Day. An alternate or additional idea is to create a special celebration page on your website with photos, wishlist and payment links, and suggestions for festival gifts you’d like this year.

Rituals and Ceremonies

Central to the Fortuna festival were various rituals and ceremonies aimed at appeasing the goddess and securing her favor. Processions, featuring elaborately adorned statues of Fortuna, wound their way through the streets of Rome, accompanied by music, chanting, and jubilation. Citizens from all walks of life participated, united in their reverence for the deity who held sway over their destinies.

Games of chance and skill were organized in Fortuna’s honor, with participants testing their luck and abilities in various contests. From dice games to chariot races, these competitions provided entertainment while also serving as offerings to the goddess. Winners were hailed as recipients of Fortuna’s favor, their triumphs seen as a manifestation of her benevolence.

  • Finsub Recommendation – Ask you favorite findom if you can play a reimbursement game. They pick three recent receipts and number them, then you pick a number and pay for that receipt reimbursement.
  • FinDom Recommendation – Use the Pay to Play deck (or a game of your own devising) and to bring an element of chance into your findom play.

Feasting and Merriment

As with many Roman festivals, the celebration of Fortuna in June was marked by feasting and merriment. Banquets were held in homes and public spaces, where families and friends gathered to indulge in sumptuous fare and revelry. Special dishes and delicacies, believed to bring luck and prosperity, adorned the tables, adding to the festive ambiance.

During the evening festivities, bonfires illuminated the night sky, symbolizing the light of Fortuna guiding her devotees through life’s uncertainties. Revelers danced, sang, and exchanged tokens of goodwill, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

  • Finsub Recommendation – Send your favorite findoms gift cards for DoorDash, their favorite restaurant, or a fancy local wine shop.
  • FinDom Recommendation – Host or attend a group dinner with your favorite local femdoms and findoms and post the receipts on social media (or send to your favorite finsubs) with a command for reimbursement.

Make FinDom Day your own!

How will you celebrate FinDom Day? Whether you choose to embrace your inner Fortuna (or Fortuna worshiper), take inspiration from another muse, or skip the wealth icons all together and celebrate in your own way, International FinDom Day is your invitation to indulge in all things money kink.

I look forward to hearing about your FinDom Day adventures! Be sure to use the hashtag #FinDomDay so I can see how you’re celebrating. I may even share my favorite posts!