prodomme mentoring

Professional Domination can be an exciting and rewarding career, with incredible opportunity for profit, and genuine pleasure.

When approached with sound business advice and wisdom gained from experience, you are more likely to avoid some of the negative sides of the industry.

Preparation and education for this job is important to establishing and sustaining a healthy business if you're just starting out. And if you've been in the industry for years, having an outside perspective can help you innovate to keep your career fresh.

My Background:

My career as an active Professional Dominatrix lasted more than a decade, but I've had ties to the community for more than 20 years through the workshops I teach, the websites I own, and the events I continue to create.

For years I've offered lifestyle kink coaching in addition to teaching at events, so I have hundreds of hours helping kinksters just like you.

I have a strong background in business & marketing in addition to my experience as a ProDomme, so I'm able to offer insight into how to use best-practices in the kink industry.


Topics That Can Be Covered

Finding your niche & specialties

How to build a memorable brand & well-known style

Ways to attract & keep your ideal clients

Streamlining systems (email, booking, social media)

Self-care & avoiding burn-out

Expanding your reach - videos, workshops, etc.


Application, interview and general filtering process

Dealing with deposits, payments and tributes

Advertising: banners, places to post, places to advertise w/a good return rate

Personal Website: to do it or not to do it, what should be on it, etc.

Presenting yourself: photos, interests, limits

Setting & keeping boundaries: what’s for pro, what’s for personal

Pacing a professional scene: planning and keeping it exciting with limited options

How to handle stalkers and overly-emotional clients

Setting up a professional dungeon or traveling tool-kit

What to wear: fetish vs comfort

Communicating with the client in the scene and the dynamic: how to be a mind reader

Branching out into sex or kink education

Limited Kink Coaching Spots Available

Booking a Session

Please answer these questions with as much or as little information as you’re comfortable with. However, the more information you share the better I'll be able to tell if we're a good match and if I'll be able to help you meet your goals. All information is confidential.


All sessions are done by phone or Zoom video conferencing, so it doesn't matter where you live
(I'm based in the San Francisco, CA area on Pacific Time.)

What's Next?

If we decide to move forward together I’ll send you a simple intake survey that will help me understand the challenges you are currently facing. Once you purchase the package best suited to your needs, we’ll schedule our first session and create a game plan!


All packages are paid for in advance, are non-refundable and can be used for up to 6 months after purchase.
I can help you choose a package based on your situation and goals.







(save $200)

Receive a 3-month membership
to and a Kink Essentials Book Package




(save $400)

Receive a 6-month membership
to and a Kink Elite Book Package

Red Key Club - insta

Business and Marketing School for Sex Workers

A virtual community with live events and 60+ hours of class and discussion recordings.

What My Clients Think

I have been working with Kali Williams for about one and a half years as a mentorship client and I recommend her highly. I sought out Kali for her kink coaching services for a couple of reasons. First, Kali’s analytical approach to crafting kink experiences reflects what I aspired toward as a professional Dominatrix. Secondly, Kali’s personalized teaching style made me feel confident that I would get what I needed out of our consultations.
Kali has advised me on a wide variety of topics such as managing expectations in D/s relationships (both professional and lifestyle), branding, establishing boundaries with clients, pricing structures, and safety/best practices. She has also worked with me to refine my presentation and public speaking skills. I’ve left every consultation with a solid game plan.
Kali listens attentively, validates experiences, and masterfully synthesizes the information provided to offer tangible and measurable steps to achieve my goals. Whether you are an educator looking to sharpen your public speaking skills or a fetish provider seeking council on how to attract the right clients, mentorship with Kali is a worthwhile investment. I highly recommend her to anyone working as an alternative sexuality professional!

Mia Action

Princess Kali is an invaluable resource for any ProDomme looking for sharp, actionable, and relevant guidance to move their unique business forward. She's focused and gets right to work. She asks pointed questions and without hesitation addresses core issues - My one hour kink coaching call yielded as much progress as a full weekend intensive. I started our coaching call stressed over unforeseen obstacles and ended the call filled with enthusiasm and confidence on how to move forward. I can not recommend her 1:1 kink coaching strongly enough for anyone serious about their business.

Raven Steele

Working with Kali was extremely productive! I had high expectations walking in and luckily they were all met. The meeting was not only informative, but I walked away with actionable steps that fit my goals perfectly. I especially appreciate how passionate Kali is about my project and what is important to me which truly made the advice feel very catered and specific  for me. I look forward to working with her in the future.

Mistress Alicia

Thank you so much for the wonderful class on humiliation yesterday evening. It was very educational and entertaining (your stories were hilarious!). I look forward to reading your book Enough to Make You Blush and any other books you write in the future.


You gave me one of those "click" moments that I was talking about :) I feel like I now have some wonderful tools to help me grow as a kinkster and to help me negotiate amazing scenes.


I so enjoyed Your very informative, interactive, energetic & engaging online class today! Findom no different than any other kink IMO. All about context, intent and consent. You enthusiastically showed great ways to make it fun, practical & rewarding to those wishing to explore. 


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