Now Hiring: Admin Assistant & Social Media Manager

Graphic that reads "Now hiring! Administrative Assistant & Social Media Manager" over a purple background of a person typing on a laptop

Administrative assistant and social media manager needed for BDSM educator and author. This is an ongoing position, invoiced monthly. In search of a highly organized individual who can assist with project management, communications, and social media management. The ideal candidate will have experience with designing graphics and writing text for social media, as well as…

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What’s Your “Kernel Kink”?

Photo of a feminine looking person with bright orange nails grabbing the neck of a masculine looking person with a neck tattoo that says "heart over mind"

Kink is all about feelings—or, more specifically, seeking out and creating certain feelings for ourselves and our partners. Why do we want someone to whip us and call us dirty names? Why do we want to “force” our (enthusiastically willing) submissive to drink our piss and call us mistress? Why do we want to do…

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The 4 C’s of a Successful Scene

Two thin, light skinned, queer looking people kissing against a wall

  Hey, people who are new to exploring kink and sexuality! An important thing to remember as you’re starting out is that the hottest experiences can take a little time to build. No one is going to be your perfect Dom or sub from the start.   Here are the 4 C’s of a successful…

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Resources and Recommendations

Ethical Financial Domination: Virtual Intensive April 29-30, 2023 This event is industry-only and has limited spots to ensure a well curated, quality experience. You can read more about it and apply here, make sure you mention attending the intro class on the application form so I can make note of the Introduction Class registration cost…

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Inspiration for Every Fancy: 15 Types of Erotic Humiliation Play

Erotic humiliation is a huge umbrella kink, and there are nearly as many ways to customize play as there are players. In my book, Enough to Make You Blush: Exploring Erotic Humiliation, I take a deep dive into fifteen different types of erotic humiliation play. Here, I’m giving you the basic highlights of each—just enough…

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What IS Erotic Humiliation, Anyway?

Of all the kinks to be found in the world (and believe me, they are limitless), erotic humiliation is one of the most mysterious and least understood, among new and veteran kinksters alike.  As a former professional dominatrix who’s also spent more than twenty years as a lifestyle domme and kink educator with a special…

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Enough to Make You Blush: Updated and Expanded Edition Coming Soon!

Since I published the first edition of Enough to Make You Blush in 2015, I have been incredibly honored by the response over the years. This book has transformed my passion into a driving purpose and, more importantly, helped countless readers feel seen and understood — often for the very first time.   That’s why I’m…

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