27 Times To Send To Your Favorite FinDom

In the fabulous world of financial domination, sending money to your favorite findom is more than just a transaction—it’s a way to show loyalty, devotion, appreciation, adoration, respect, and so much more. Financial tributes and gifts carry a lot of meaning, transforming ordinary moments into powerful statements of submission and connection.

This isn’t just about hitting the “send” button. Each time you send money, it tells a story—whether it’s a show of gratitude, a gesture of trust, or a way to mark a special occasion. Knowing when and how to send money can really enhance your relationship, making those moments even more memorable for both you and your FinDom.

To help inspire you to look for even more of these memorable moments, check out these 27 perfect times to send money to your favorite FinDom. 

From celebrating milestones and offering thanks for guidance to spontaneous gifts and structured payments, we’ll cover a variety of scenarios that highlight just how nuanced and exciting this world can be. 

By recognizing these opportunities, you’ll not only show your appreciation but will delight the findom on the receiving end of your send. Discover the many ways your financial tributes can become powerful symbols of your dedication and respect.


  1. When you approach them for the first time
  2. The anniversary of the first time you sent them a tribute
  3. In the morning, to start their day off right
  4. In the afternoon, to give them a mid-day treat
  5. In the evening, to end the day with a show of devotion
  6. Their birthday
  7. Monthly on the same day to pay for a regularly needed service, like housekeeping, spa treatments, or a personal trainer
  8. For whatever their end of year gift-giving holiday is (Yule, Hanukkah, Christmas, or Eid al-Fitr)
  9. New Year’s Eve and/or Day
  10. When they’re having a bad day (if they talk about it on social media or during a personal interaction)
  11.  When you’re having a bad day, and making a findom smile would lift your mood
  12.  Valentine’s Day
  13.  To celebrate when you complete a task or assignment they’ve given you
  14.  For no reason at all, just because they cross your mind
  15.  If you have any erotic thoughts about them without their permission
  16.  If you have any erotic thoughts about them with their permission
  17.  When you make a mistake or cause them inconvenience 
  18.  International FinDom Day – June 24th
  19.  Treat Yo’ Self Day – October 13th
  20.  #FinDomFriday
  21.  To celebrate an achievement or something positive that they talked about on social media
  22.  #MoneyKinkMonday
  23.  In time for them to register for the FinDom Philosophy: Virtual Intensive (so they can learn even more ways to inspire/seduce/terrify/embarrass you into sending)
  24.  Before or after a personal interaction, including and especially any kind of session.
  25.  Whenever you receive bonus income or a surprise influx of cash
  26.  When you think about how grateful you are that they exist in the world
  27.  Now. In this moment. While you’re reading this blog post.


Now that we’ve started with these 27 occasions for sending a tribute to your favorite findom, I’d love to hear from you! 

What are some unique times or reasons that you enjoy sending or receiving money in your findom dynamics? 

Share your experiences and insights in the comments below. Let’s keep the conversation going and inspire each other with even more reasons for findom play!