What’s It Like to Attend the FinDom Philosophy: Virtual Intensive? 

If you’ve signed up for the FinDom Philosophy: Virtual Intensive (or are thinking about it), Welcome! I’m thrilled to have you there, and I know it’s going to be a valuable training. 

But I also know it’s a big commitment, and I imagine you haven’t had the opportunity to attend an intensive like this—at least, not in the findom space, as educational resources for this particular kink remain rare. 

So, I wanted to take a moment to answer some of the questions I hear most frequently from prospective attendees. This way, you’ll know what to expect before we get started, so you can spend your energy focusing on the content, not the logistics. 

What exactly is a virtual weekend learning intensive?

Think of an intensive as a turbocharged educational experience squeezed into a couple of days, all from the comfort of your own space. It’s like attending a conference or workshop, but without the hassle of travel and accommodation. You’ll be immersed in a focused learning environment, with an expert instructor (that’s me!) guiding you through four core foundational classes about findom. 


How do I prepare for a virtual learning intensive?

First, clear your schedule. Treat this weekend like you would any in-person event, and plan to give it your full attention. If you can, consider blocking off the day after the intensive too, so you can rest and recuperate. 

Next, make sure your tech setup is ready to go. Check your internet connection, ensure your device is up to the task, and learn the basics of Zoom, which is the platform we’ll be using (you don’t need an account). 

When it comes time for the actual event, minimize distractions, set up your workbooks (more on those below) and pens, grab some snacks, and get ready to absorb knowledge like a sponge.


Will I be able to interact with Kali and other participants?

Absolutely! Over the years, I’ve developed a curriculum for the day that includes tons of Q&A time and small-group discussions along with the informational presentations (which each include a dynamic slide deck to help you stay engaged).


What’s the energy of the event?

I bring a lot of passion and excitement when I teach, and in testimonials from previous intensives and classes I’ve been described as “fun,” “warm,” “easygoing,” “non judgemental,” “engaging,” “highly knowledgeable,” “inclusive,” and “structured yet adaptable” (aww, shucks ).

I work hard to make it easy for you to stay engaged and get the most out of the experience.


Will I receive course materials or resources?

This intensive doesn’t include the slide decks or recordings, but you’ll receive a full paperback workbook and digital mini-notebook to support note-taking.

You’ll also receive my original Pay to Play deck, which turns negotiation into a findom game of cash and confessions.

As an additional bonus, you’ll also be invited to attend the Intro to FinDom Philosophy class free of charge as a refresher, within a year of the intensive.


How do I stay focused during long virtual sessions?

I know it can be tough to maintain focus when you’re in front of a screen for hours on end, but there are plenty of tricks to help you stay engaged. 

We’ll be mixing up the learning styles through-out each day (presentation with slide deck, Q&A session, small group discussions) to help you stay engaged.

Another important part of staying focused, is participating! Don’t be afraid to ask questions or get into the group discussions to keep your brain firing on all cylinders. 

Take regular breaks, stretch your legs, and maybe even do a little dance to get your blood pumping. Stay hydrated and fueled with snacks to keep your energy levels up. 

I’ve also built different kinds of breaks into the content. We’ll have stretch breaks, bathroom breaks, and meal breaks so you won’t have to worry about missing content in order to take care of your body.


Can I attend a virtual learning intensive in my pajamas?

Absolutely! I have a “comfort kink” and am a big fan of wearing pajamas (I’m even known for doing so at in-person conferences), so I’ll always encourage you to dress comfortably so you’re not distracted during the day.


What are the small groups like?

During each class block, there’s a 15- minute section where we’ll do “break-out groups.” If you’re not usually a fan of small groups, don’t worry: I designed this part of the experience with you in mind! 

First of all, I’ll provide questions to guide the conversation, and you’ll have a leader to keep you on track and make sure everyone gets a chance to participate. And here’s the best news: There are no grades handed out, and  there’s no goal to achieve other than to share your thoughts about your experiences and what you’re learning.


How can I make the most of my virtual learning intensive experience?

Be present, be engaged, and be curious. Take advantage of every opportunity to interact with me and fellow participants (including the pre-intensive networking event and follow-up coaching sessions). 

Ask questions, take notes, share your insights, and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. And most importantly, have fun! Learning should be an enjoyable journey of discovery, so come to the experience with an open mind.


So, there you have it! 

If you have any additional questions, either before you register or leading up to the event, feel free to reach out. Ultimately, this event is designed to teach you concepts and strategies to develop (or hone) your findom offerings and experiences, and I’m excited to provide every attendee with a powerful, educational intensive. 


Get more details about the FinDom Philosophy: Virtual Intensive happening July 27-28, 2024 here. Note: This event is industry-only (not for finsubs and clients).