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Living in a Post 50 Shades World

In 2011, three unassuming fan fiction books were published, and before long the world had collectively lost its mind.   By 2012, over 20 million copies of the books had been sold and the mainstream world was suddenly aware of kink in a brand new way.  BDSM was being discussed and debated on every morning…

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6 Steps to a More Fulfilling Sex Life

These ideas are meant to be simple(ish) and free (of financial need). But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy or that it isn’t going to take any investment. It will be an investment of time, and you may find that doing the simplest thing may be more difficult that you first imagined. But…

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The progression of a professional pervert….

I’ve always been rather sexually adventurous, so when many people ask me out I got into this profession I explain that it was a rather simple stepping stone process. I remember when I first started stripping and I found it to be empowering rather than degrading. My self-confidence grew, my assertiveness grew stronger and I…

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“Why Kink?”

“Why Kink?” I hear this question from a wide variety of people. After we’ve discussed what I do for a living, there is an inevitable pause, and the “But why would someone want to be kinky?” There are so many answers to that question that I thought it would be perfect to list a bunch…

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Fess’ Up When You Fuck Up

Last year I was too attached to the outcome of a scene/performance and I acted in a way that I’m not terribly proud of. Of course it’s difficult to admit to mistakes, especially when perfectionism is something of struggle, but I think it’s important to talk about times when things don’t go as planned. It’s…

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Don’t judge a Book by it’s Cover

There have been many occasions that people have shown surprise when they find out I am a professional dominatrix. “But you seem so nice!” they say, or “I couldn’t imagine you being that mean, you’re so happy.” These statements always make me laugh, and gives me an opportunity to explain that there are many ways…

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