What has #BeingKinky done for you?


I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter, but one thing I do love about it is the kind of ‘crowd-source’ responses that can come through if a question is posed. One night I was thinking about all the amazing things being kinky (both personally and professionally) has done for me and wondered what other kinksters had experienced. With a single tweet I received some amazing responses that I want to share with you below. All of these are from public accounts, I didn’t use any from private accounts. Enjoy!

Hey kinksters! I’d love to hear what #BeingKinkyHas done for you!

#BeingKinkyHas given me sexual acceptance and opened my mind – @SeductiveSoc

#BeingKinkyHas helped me to establish clear boundaries & has given me the confidence to require that those boundaries be respected. – @CoachingByKali

#BeingKinkyHas enabled me to find my strengths, correct, accept and love my weaknesses, gain competency and GROW THE FUCK UP. – @EchnoidSymmetry

#BeingKinkyHas opened up a universe of extraordinary experiences.” – @wackyvorlon

#beingkinkyhas enabled me to lead the life I’m supposed to lead and not the one society says I should have. :) – @thrashAerie

#BeingKinkyHas increased the closeness within my already great marriage and made me feel more fulfilled as a sexual human being – @Ted_Subby

#BeingKinkyHas helped me find my voice, budding self-acceptance, a community, a family, a way to help and connect with others. – @CherrysRedShoes

#beingkinkyhas taught me that the urges I’ve been having since I was a kid aren’t sick or wrong. I’m just kinky and I love it! – @SerenitySweet13

#BeingKinkyHas made me open, brave and certain in myself. It’s brought me experiences and wisdom I wouldn’t otherwise possess – @Gondolin_Sun

#beingkinkyhas allowed me to feel free to explore my sexuality free of judgments. – @CapitalFunPhoto

#beingkinkyhas meant being honest about who I am and what turns me on. & sharing crazy intimate experiences with my partner :) – @KelseyEducation

#BeingKinky caused me 2 find the love of my life as well as a whole new awesome direction 4 career. My fave part of my persona – @SevereSociety

‏ #BeingKinkyHas helped me cement my sense of self, put me in contact with people I trust immensely, & brought me to my partner. – @maggiemunkee

#beingkinkyhas given me my best friends, a brother, helped me grow into a man I’m proud to be & most importantly brought me the LoveOfMyLife – @LuckyySox

#BeingKinkyHas made me think more about my own needs and desires, as well as boundaries. Plus I met my gf because of kink! – @Alyss_Abyss

#BeingKinkyHas helped me define myself & my expectation of my life and those in it. Found the love of my life and great friends – @cupcakepuddles

#Comingout and #BeingKinkyHas unleashed my authentic self, which is pretty fucking fierce, if I do say so myself. – @DannikaSmith

#BeingKinkyHas rejuvenated my relationship with my primary/life partner. Better closeness, authenticity, passion, & hot sex. – @DannikaSmith

#BeingKinkyHas made me love myself. a lot. and it’s allowed me to meet amazing people. – @IAmBellaBlush