So your guy is a foot fetishist…what now?


So your guy is a foot fetishist…what now?

I have to admit that foot fetishism has a special place in my heart, it was my first introduction into the BDSM world and it suddenly explained my own deeply felt response to wearing an amazing pair of shoes or seeing my toes look perfectly pedicured.

First of all, the term fetishist is used rather loosely these days. A full-fledged fetishist absolutely has to have the feet of their partner involved somehow. For them, sex isn’t complete (and maybe won’t even happen) without the assistance of the visual or the physical touch of feet. But there are also many men (and women!) who simply love feet as they do any other part of their lovers bodies. Feet are full of nerve endings, some that go directly to your hot spot, so they’re a natural addition to any couples sexual repertoire.

So let’s say your partner has expressed an interest in playing with your feet during sexy time. What does that mean?

A great place to start is how you feel about your own feet. Usually, women either love or hate their feet, or perhaps never really think of them at all. Now is an excellent time to celebrate (or learn to celebrate) those lovely curves that carry you around. Get a professional pedicure, pick a color that makes you feel like a goddess and when you get home slather them in your favorite lotion (coco butter is a great option, the soft scent of vanilla is hard to resist). This is all about you, you giving yourself the self-love your tootsies deserve.

When it’s time to take your partners desires into account, an excellent time to talk about itis  lying in bed in the dark at the end of the day or whisper your foot focused fantasies to each other during your usual lovemaking. Foot fetishists have a tendency to be very specific. It might be the shape of the foot or toes, or a special color of nail polish. Please let your partner talk about their foot fantasies without judgment. Traditionally we’re not taught that the feet can be an erogenous zone but they truly are. They can be caressed and kissed and sexualized and it can be fun for both of you.

There are a lot of sexy activities that can be done with feet. Here’s a few to get you started…

Perfectly pedicured and clean feet can be soft and sexy. Percentage wise this presentation of the feet is most appreciated. Some foot lovers might like the strong scent of feet after a run at the gym or stockings from inside leather shoes. Even ‘dirty’ feet can be attractive to some fetishists, if this is the case, find out the specifics of what kind of ‘dirty’ feet your partner likes. Remember you don’t ever have to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. But if it’s simply the newness of the activity, don’t let that stop you from giving it a try.

Let’s get back to those clean, soft, perhaps slightly scented feet. Bare feet are great for ‘foot worship’ which is essentially kissing and licking, maybe with some some slight nibbling. Any sensation that feels good on other parts of your body also feel good on your feet, it’s kind of a no-brainer! Request (or command!) that your partner rubs your feet until you’re satisfied. If your partner is a foot lover he’ll be happy to take his time making your feet feel good! What a mutually beneficial experience *wink*

If you really want to give your foot lover a good time, think about giving him a ‘foot job’ which is the same thing as a hand job, but with your feet. It can be easy if you lie on your stomach and have him position himself behind you so he can guide your soles. Or it can be a great ab work out to sit on the bed and have him sit in front of you or lay underneath you on the floor so you can give him a good working over.

A shoe fetish can also be part of a foot fetish (or as a ‘stand alone’ fetish, hehe, get it ;) but I’ll get to that in the next article!