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Bawdy Storytelling – The Defiant Balloons

I tell stories a lot. Some of my friends lovingly call it “The Kali Show” (well, at least they mostly say it lovingly!) When I meet new people, or am hanging out with friends or am teaching classes…there’s always a story to tell. I like my stories to entertain and inform and since my life…

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The progression of a professional pervert….

I’ve always been rather sexually adventurous, so when many people ask me out I got into this profession I explain that it was a rather simple stepping stone process. I remember when I first started stripping and I found it to be empowering rather than degrading. My self-confidence grew, my assertiveness grew stronger and I…

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Domination Styles

Ok, so you’ve determined that you’re dominant (or perhaps a switch with a strong dominant side), now what? If you emulate porn, it’s likely you won’t keep play partners very long, since porn is based on fantasy (and making it look easy) but reality isn’t always so smooth. One of the first things you can…

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“That” Question

“So, what did you say you do for a living?” That question, no matter how many times I’ve heard it, always makes my heart skip a beat. It is not a simple question to answer and only opens up a torrent of other questions inside my head, which causes me to pause. And the pause…

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