Finding the Filthy Words That Are Music To Your Ears: Erotic Verbal Humiliation

Exploring the realms of dirty talk and filthy words can be an exhilarating journey, especially when delving into consensual erotic humiliation play scenes. 

Erotic Verbal Humiliation Is a Powerful Tool

One of the most thrilling aspects of humiliation kink is the exploration of language. Words, when wielded with intention, have the power to electrify the atmosphere and send shivers down your spine. It’s not just about what’s being said, but how it’s being said. The right choice of words can elevate the experience to new heights of ecstasy.

Now, let’s talk dirty—literally. Filthy words, dripping with decadence and desire, can add a deliciously naughty flavor to the scene. From taboo phrases to explicit descriptions, there’s a vast playground of linguistic delights to explore. It’s like painting with words, creating an erotic masterpiece with each whispered syllable.

Confidently engaging in dirty talk during erotic humiliation can be an enticing prospect, but it's not without its obstacles. While the allure of exploring taboo desires and pushing boundaries can be thrilling, navigating the delicate balance of power dynamics and verbal expression requires careful consideration and communication.

Obstacles to Confident Verbal Humiliation

One of the primary obstacles to confident dirty talk is societal conditioning and stigma surrounding sex and sexuality. From a young age, many people are taught to feel shame or embarrassment about expressing their desires openly, especially when those desires fall outside of societal norms. This ingrained inhibition can make it challenging to vocalize fantasies or engage in explicit language, even within the safety of a consensual kinky play scenario.

Additionally, there's the fear of judgment, both from oneself and from one's partner. Opening up about desires that might be considered taboo or unconventional requires vulnerability, and the prospect of rejection or misunderstanding can be daunting. Trust and communication are essential in overcoming this obstacle, allowing partners to create a safe space where they can express themselves without fear of judgment.

Finally, there's the challenge of finding the right words to convey desires and fantasies effectively. Dirty talk is an art form, requiring a delicate balance of assertiveness, creativity, and sensitivity. It can take time and practice to develop confidence in expressing oneself verbally, especially when exploring new or unfamiliar territory.

Most of us don’t go through our daily lives calling each other deliciously demeaning names like “fuck doll,” “cockroach,” or “fart sniffer.” So, when the time comes to start playing with verbal humiliation, it can feel uncomfortable to even think about degrading language—much less use it!

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone, and verbal humiliation does get easier with practice—I promise. And, when you’re not sure where to start, a little inspiration never hurts.

That’s where my Filthy Phrases: Verbal Humiliation Deck comes in. The 50 cards in the deck are divided into twenty different categories to suit your play preferences, and there are countless ways to use them to turn up the volume during your play sessions.

Here are my five favorites:

The Dominant’s Dictionary

During a session, a dominant who’s looking to expand their vocabulary can flip through the cards (for a particular category or just randomly) and read the choices out loud, making the submissive watch and listen as they search for just the right word for the moment.

Bonus points if you explain your thought process out loud:

“Hmmm, look at those perky slut button nipples. When I touch and squeeze them, you become such a horny little pervert, writhing and desperate.”

Are you ready to be my human dildo? I’m going to make you my bitch-in-heat and once you’ve provided me pleasure, I’ll lock your man-meat back in the chastity cage.”

The Submissive’s Word Bank

Feeling lazy, doms? Let the submissive do the hard work. Hand them the deck and instruct them to choose the words that best describe them today. This is a fun way for doms to get some insight into the sub’s mindset, and it’s hilariously humiliating for subs to have to read through these cards and debate with themselves (ideally out loud) as to whether they’re a true cocksucker or more of a dick licker today.

A Negotiation Enhancement

The verbal humiliation deck is incredibly useful when you’re setting up a scene, too, as you and your partner(s) explore new words and phrases to add to the “yes please” list—and identify others that may be a no-go. 

Depending on the kernel kink you’re each looking to satisfy, browse the cards for the appropriate category and share the words and phrases that pique your interest, or alert each other to the ones that may be triggering.

Scene Inspiration and Planning

Even when you’re not actively planning your next scene, when you (or you and your partner) have a few minutes of downtime, use the verbal humiliation deck to fuel your fantasies and generate humiliation play ideas. Flip through the deck, looking for new words in your favorite categories or exploring new-to-you categories altogether, and jot down a few notes (perhaps in your Enough to Make You Blush workbook or your Yes, No, Maybe Workbook) on what’s striking your fantasy fancy.

A Kinky Conversation Starter

Imagine sitting down with your partner, shuffling through the deck, and selecting cards at random. Each card reveals a tantalizing phrase, sparking laughter, blushes, and maybe even a few gasps. But beyond the initial shock, these phrases serve as prompts for deeper discussions about desires, boundaries, and fantasies.


Dirty talk—and especially dirty talk of the humiliation variety—doesn’t always come easy, and that’s okay! As I always say, practice makes pervert, and with the Filthy Phrases: Verbal Humiliation Deck in your pocket, you’ve got all the tools you need to become fluent in filth quicker than you can say, “fart sucking ass face.”