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lifestyle coaching

Everyone who wants to explore kink should explore kink.

That’s the first tenet of my philosophy about kink sexuality, and my coaching clients agree.

But it’s not always quite that simple.

Life can throw obstacles in the way of our exploration and growth and getting help in overcoming these obstacles can be the fastest way to success.

Kink isn’t the same for everyone. While you may want just a little of the submissive-dominant dynamic in your bedroom, your partner may want a kink experience that incorporates every toy and technique in the book. You may have already gotten fairly deep into your kink lifestyle and need advice on taking it to the next level safely. You may have questions on a specific kink sexual act: how to whip your partner, how to use humiliation, how to gauge the level of pain your partner really wants while in the heat of the moment.

I’ve got the answers to all of those questions, and answers to questions that you may not even think to ask.

I offer a safe place to explore kink sexuality, practical advice on exactly how to perform the kink techniques that you’re interested in, and years of firsthand experience as a professional and lifestyle dominatrix and BDSM educator.

If you are truly interested in deepening your experience of kink, a coach is one of the most invaluable investments you can make. Kink sexuality touches on trust and vulnerability, the balance of pleasure and pain, personal boundaries and taboos, and your sense of self.

I have always believed kink is one of the most rewarding experiences in life, with benefits that extend far outside the bedroom.

A good coach – with a lifetime of experience – can help you avoid the hiccups and get straight to the mind-bending, world-shattering core of kink sexuality.

Are YOU ready to prioritize your kinky self?

Common issues addressed by kink coaching include:

  • Gaining confidence in your dominance
  • Figuring out what your interests/desires are
  • Knowing what to do “in scene”
  • Creating more connection with your partner
  • Handling when one partner is more experienced than the other
  • Talking about desires when you’re shy or not sure what you want
  • Incorporating more kink in your life or relationship
  • Effectively presenting yourself to find the most ideal partner/relationship
  • Improving social/dating profiles to attract the most ideal partner/relationship

I particularly specialize in helping women embrace and expand their sexual dominance.

You get:

  • Phone/Skype sessions with me (50 minutes per session)
  • Optional recording/s so you can reference our discussion later
  • Suggested resources and exercises to continue progress on your own


  • $185 for a single session
  • $650 for 4 sessions ($90 savings!)
  • $1,000 for 6 sessions ($110 savings!) Bonus: Receive a 6-month membership to

All packages are paid for in advance, are non-refundable and can be used for up to 6 months after purchase. I can help you choose a package based on your situation and goals.

Interested in working together?

Contact me via the form below. All information is confidential. I’ll be in touch with you to see if working together would be a good fit.

Create your own user feedback survey

What’s next?

If we decide to move forward together I’ll send you a simple intake survey that will help me understand the challenges you are currently facing.

Once you purchase the package best suited to your needs, we’ll schedule our first session and create a game plan!

Private Coaching Sessions

In each session you will be given concrete, actionable suggestions to improve your kink experience immediately. Check out my Testimonials Page to see how I’ve helped people just like you.

“I made more progress than I could’ve imagined in a much shorter time than I ever expected.” - Jade


What are the sessions like?

All 50-minute sessions are done via phone or Zoom (video conferencing). Our conversations can be recorded for you to refer to in the future (it’s your choice) .

I provide confidential support, specific information, expert insight, and compassionate motivation to guide you along your kinky journey.

Most sessions are booked in blocks of 4 or 6, though single “Lightning Sessions” are also an option.

Can coaching be done with a partner?

Definitely! I work with couples and poly groups as well as individuals. I can help you figure out the best dynamic and communication style to help get you there.

How do we decide what to work on during sessions?

We’ll start with your initial form to help me get a sense of what’s going on for you. It will include questions about your goals so that we can tackle any obvious obstacles you’re facing. Throughout our sessions, I’ll help you continue to discern the most critical challenges to focus on. In each session, we’ll talk about how things have gone with the advice/exercises from the last session and then set new goals together.

Is coaching the same thing as therapy?

Coaching is NOT therapy and I am not a therapist! A common refrain in the kink world is “BDSM can be therapeutic but is not therapy.” I can coach and guide you and can likely make an appropriate recommendation if you’re looking for more than I can provide.

Is the session erotic?

No. Coaching is for educational and personal enlightenment purposes only. If you’re looking for an erotic or “play” session please check out this post with recommendations for currently practicing ProDommes. For this reason I only see single submissive men within very specific boundaries. Once a session is booked, if I sense the client is trying to steer the conversation to an inappropriate place I will end the session immediately with no refund.

Are you a ProDomme (or aspiring ProDomme) looking for mentorship? I offer specialized guidance for industry folks, check out more information here.




What a wonderful, dynamic and powerful presentation at Dark Odyssey! We are absolutely going to get your book and workbook. Your experience is very valuable and we found it immediately helpful.


Thank you for your presentation and presence at the meeting. I am new in the kink world and I am loving exploring the exchange of power and play. And thank you for reminding folks that a sense of playfulness incorporated into your kink is important!


It was a phenomenal class. My friends and I had a grand time and came away as more informed and thoughtful participants in our play. Your kindness, thoughts, and attention are well and truly appreciated.


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