Superstar Branding for Sex Educators

  • Are you a current or aspiring sex, kink, or relationship presenter?
  • Do you feel confused by how to set yourself apart in the growing adult sex-education industry?
  • Do you feel that you're struggling to communicate your expertise in a way that actually gets you booked for classes or makes you any money?

The adult sex-ed industry is a fun and flirty business, and on the surface it can seem like it's all dildo recommendations and flogging demonstrations. However, without treating it like a serious business, financial and reputational success can feel elusive. Unfortunately, trusted resources that highlight the intersection of intimacy education and industry-specific business strategy are few and far between.

Learn the seven fundamentals of branding — beyond logos and color palettes — that will help you create a clear and cohesive brand that establishes your credibility, authority, and expertise. Implement concrete, actionable ideas to improve and expand your branding no matter where you are in your career journey. Follow this straightforward path to cultivate a memorable and professional presence that gets you hired, makes the most of your passions, and builds a brand that will last.

Drawing on twenty years of experience as a businesswoman and respected educator in the kink community, Princess Kali will show you how you can create a new brand or update your current brand to ensure you’re being authentic AND strategic in your business development.

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