ProDomme Mentoring

Professional Domination can be an exciting and rewarding career, with incredible opportunity for profit, and genuine pleasure. When approached with sound business advice and wisdom gained from experience, you are more likely to avoid some of the negative sides of the industry.

Preparation and education for this job is important to establishing and sustaining a healthy business if you’re just starting out. And if you’ve been in the industry for years, having an outside perspective can help you innovate to keep your career fresh.

My Background:

My career as an active Professional Dominatrix lasted more than a decade, but I’ve had ties to the community for 16 years through the workshops I teach, the websites I own, and the events I continue to attend. For years I’ve offered lifestyle coaching in addition to teaching at events, so I have hundreds of hours helping kinksters just like you. I have a strong background in business & marketing in addition to my experience as a ProDomme, so I’m able to offer insight into how to use best-practices in the kink industry.

Topics that can be covered:

  • Finding your niche & specialties
  • How to build a memorable brand & well-known style
  • Ways to attract & keep your ideal clients
  • Streamlining systems (email, booking, social media)
  • Self-care & avoiding burn-out
  • Expanding your reach – videos, workshops, etc.

Also –

  • Application, interview and general filtering process
  • Dealing with deposits, payments and tributes
  • Advertising: banners, places to post, places to advertise w/a good return rate
  • Personal Website: to do it or not to do it, what should be on it, etc.
  • Presenting yourself: photos, interests, limits
  • Setting & keeping boundaries: what’s for pro, what’s for personal
  • Pacing a professional scene: planning & keeping it exciting with limited options
  • How to handle stalkers and overly-emotional clients
  • Setting up a professional dungeon or traveling tool-kit
  • What to wear: fetish vs comfort
  • Communicating with the client in the scene and the dynamic: how to be a mind reader

Booking a Session

All sessions are done by phone or Skype, so it doesn’t matter where you live (I’m based in the San Francisco, CA area on Pacific Time.)

If necessary, we can schedule a short 5 minute chat to make sure we’re a good match. Email me directly to schedule an appointment.

Private Coaching Sessions