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What have past attendees said about the experience?

"The intensive was a great investment and I already see how the knowledge of Kali infuse in my strategy. It was a very well managed training. I did different kinds of online trainings and this is one of my favourite because it was intense but quick. For me as a neurodivergent person it's easier to follow a well managed but packed 2 days intensive rather than a few hours a week every week for a month or else. Thank you for creating a space that was both efficient and mindful of neurodivergent needs."

Goddess Eff

Goddess Eff

"Princess Kali is a thoughtful educator with a passion for empowering sex workers to thrive. She breaks down the complexities of kink, especially financial domination, with ease."


Priestess Ava

"This class felt both affirming and inspirational. Princess Kali teaches things in a style that doesn't feel overwhelming, yet is jam-packed with the foundational ideas, themes, and framework that create a sustainable practice. Through this course, I was able to immediately identify places in my own career that were working well, which reassured my near-constant 'imposter syndrome', make a concrete plan to improve the things that weren't working so well, and get excited about future projects and ideas which had before felt a bit out-of-reach."


Miss Shayla

"Kali has an amazing talent and passion for teaching and educating. Her well thought out, finely developed classes and materials are evidence of all the hard work she puts into developing them."


Mx Luna Izel

"It was one of the most life-giving experiences I've ever had, professional or personal. The format was intense (duh!) but paced beautifully, even for me as someone with both autism & ADHD, and the workbook is a veritable treasure map and made it so much easier to relax and be present to the moment even as someone who will occasionally struggle with audio processing.

Everyone was professional, enthusiastic, open and welcoming, and Princess Kali's instructional style is super entertaining, relatable, *and* informative, which I loved. I learned so much about myself and the depth of the skill I already had, where I could grow, *and* the frameworks presented helped take all the life-sucking guessing games out of that process and formulating a vision for how I'd like to play with subs. I know I will absolutely make back my investment.

Additionally, as a Black femme, it was a breath of fresh air to be seen and to have my unique concerns and actual, material challenges discussed and addressed in a way that didn't feel dismissive, belittling, or unsafe.
If you're thinking of working with Princess Kali - for coaching, for classes, buying her books - absolutely DO. I have worked for myself for 10+ years and have been through all sorts of training, etc., and Princess Kali's work is easily the best I've encountered."


Lovela De'Verres

"It was very informative and also helped me gain more perspective on the different elements of FinDom that I didn't know before. I think that as a beginner at times I felt like I was trying to be someone I was not to fit into the stereotypes that I felt I should be. However, I learned that I should use my personality to control the energy and provide an authentic experience within that. I will keep that in mind when I approach certain archetypes."

Suki Yuki

Suki Yuki

"Princess Kali's Virtual Ethical FinDom Intensive was truly a revolutionary course to have enrolled in. I'm so grateful that I was able to be part of this educational, supportive, and entrepreneurial class. Approachable, knowledgeable, hilarious, and engaging, Kali is a delightful gem full of experience and sound advice. She can help any business-minded sex worker learn to up their game, build their community, and re-orient their branding to be as sustainable and authentic as possible. In addition to marketing, branding, business strategy, and digital privacy, Kali also cultivates how to preemptively and consciously combat bad client matches, resentment, and industry burnout. If you want to fall back in love with sex work again (or for the first time), take actionable steps to build your business, and learn how to re-ignite your joy - then this is the course for you."

Verona Invictus

Madam Verona Invictus

"It was really valuable to get to spend time in a small, consistent group with other pros who are diverse in their approach and experience. I'm always worried about group work of any kind, especially when the instructor determines the groups, because my experience is that people don't tend to pull their weight. These weren't that kind of group, to my relief. I appreciated that you structured our conversation and our groups. It really helped break the ice, provide focus, and ensure diversity of perspective. I felt very enriched by these discussions."

Katherine Control

Katherine Control

"Princess Kali is one of the most generous educatrices I have come across in my practice as a professional and lifestyle Domina. Her workshops are accessible, thoroughly researched, entertainingly presented and bursting with the mountain of practical knowledge and wry observations she has collected throughout her justly celebrated career. My own views and approaches to professional and personal domination have been greatly enriched by her and I can say nothing more except, Thank You, Princess!"

martine phoenix

Martine Phoenix

"It was really affirming to have myths exposed and learn about the different archetypes of finsubs/what to expect for each. Knowing these things will greatly assist in many forms of my business including content, live sessions, ideal client/finsub profile and more. I also really liked that it was for verified Pros only, with cam/headphones on for a sense of privacy. It felt safe and professional."


Princess Hime

"Princess Kali’s class on Ethical Financial Domination helped me understand the different dynamics of FinDom. The class had so much information! Princess Kali is great at breaking down information into subsections for easy understanding. Highly recommend this class."


Mrs. Sharpe

"Princess Kali is passionate about sharing education and it's this enthusiasm that shines through everything She does. Ethical Financial Domination is no different. The resources are well-considered, the conversations are juicy, there is ample time to discuss and digest - the perfect environment for lots of "Ah-Ha!" moments. This is not a one-size-fits-all how-to guide. It's a thoughtfully structured scaffold for you to grow and nurture your own practice in the way that best serves you, creating maximum enjoyment for you and your playthings.


As such it's reusable, revisitable, and infinitely practical. The value I received through this intensive will undoubtedly feed into other areas of My play for a long time to come."

Penelope Dreadful

Miss Penelope Dreadful

"I've been a part of Princess Kali's Red Key Club for months now, and I'm still digesting the webinars there, and I've also done most of her other online courses too. I did her two-hour Ethical FinDom workshop, and when she said she was holding an intensive, I was breaking down the Zoom door to sign up. The thing that I love about Kali's teaching style is that it is 'no bullshit'. I love education; in fact, it's almost kind of a fetish of mine, and there's nothing more annoying than paying to hear someone brag and aimlessly chat with participants. I want the meaty education, and that's what Kali delivers, every single time, and in a way that is approachable, fun, welcoming and incredibly supportive.

Not only does Kali create community in her classes but she also stays on point and over delivers, always. The Ethical FinDom intensive was indeed intense. It was jam packed full of all the amazing stuff that I really wanted to understand; the psychology, behaviors, archetypes, safety, protection, language, approaches, but more than that and something I've never seen before…ETHICS. I never thought I'd see those words put together in a sentence, and certainly not a class, but I'm so grateful that I did, and that was why I jumped straight in and signed up immediately."


Lavish Queen Muse

"I took the Ethical Financial Domination intensive with Princess Kali and had the opportunity to understand the different archetypes that apply to each financial submissive type. Going into these archetypes helped me develop content and adapt my approach to different types of finsubs. This gave me confidence, so that I can lean in more assertively when engaging with potential subs and the ones I already have established relationships with. I recommend this class to anyone who is thinking of bringing this aspect to their domination practice in an ethical and effective way."

Luna Leona

Lady Luna Leona

"The best thing was feeling empowered and motivated afterwards to update my website copy and decide what I want, and it allowed me to understand my own money story and how language affects feelings."



"I'm excited to use the frameworks so I can more successfully introduce kink (especially money kink) into my escort branding and sessions. I've been wanting to do this, but have felt challenged by doing it in a way that feels authentic and with integrity. Having Kali's frameworks will allow me to do that."

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Fantastic. Great information, very engaging presentation of the information, and the perfect amount of group engagement as well. Literally the perfect online workshop.

Dida Fox

Dida Fox

I feel like my entire perception of being a Domina has been altered for the better with this workshop. Not just by the in-depth dissection of Financial Dominance, but also with the gentle encouragement to reexamine all of my long held beliefs about money and abundance. The time on Zoom listening to Princess Kali speak was time well spent.

martine phoenix

Martine Phoenix

You have absolutely crushed my imposter syndrome. I didn't have the structure to my thinking that you provided, but already understood a fair bit of the content intuitively or in other contexts. You gave me the framework to consciously actualize it and expand on it, though, and for that I am enormously grateful. I can immediately turn your course content into money. It was worth every penny.

Katherine Control

Katherine Control

The intensive was absolutely amazing! Connecting with my community was one of the best parts, next to the literal gold mine of information and knowledge Kali shares. It was an extremely validating experience overall. I learned so much and will definitely be able to turn this into cash!

Adela Divine

Adela Divine

Absolutely I would recommend this intensive, a thousand times over! It's worth every bit and more. I will vouch for Kali again and again in this industry because what she provided was nothing like anything I'd ever received in the education realm of this community. Kali is passionate and extremely well versed in all she does. Her incredible work ethic shows!

Goddess Slayer

Goddess Slayer

I loved this intensive and am so glad I took it! Truth be told, I was hesitant about it in the days leading up to it because I was worried it might not be worth the investment but I can confidently say it was 1000% worth it! The intensive is incredibly well structured and the amount of information covered in 2 days was really inspiring. I feel like I have the tools I need (and then some) to implement these teachings into my work. Now I have a much better understanding of the kinds of finsubs I want to attract and I feel like I have the tools I need to start looking for these kinds of clients.

Violetta Vos

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