Finding Someone that Meets Your Kinky Needs

One of the questions I get most often is “How did you meet all your submissives?” with the closely followed up question of “How can I meet the submissive/dominant of my dreams?”

In a way, I had a leg up on perverts of the time, because unlike most, I had my own website. A place where I could direct people I met in person to find out more about me and my interests, or where someone searching online could stumble upon my site and read all about what I was looking for.

Lucky for you, times have changed and it’s not hard (or expensive) to have your own website. WordPress has created a world where we can all have our own simple to build websites, and if you’re looking for love then I recommend that’s exactly what you do.

Having your own website allows for the following

  • Gives you a place to send people from your twitter feed or Fetlife profile
  • Set up a simple form that is specific about what you’re looking for
  • Shows your seriousness about finding a good match

Most kinksters have a profile on Fetlife now, and that can be a great start. But you can do more if you’re serious about finding the right fit.