Sonny Black cage for sale!

SOLD – this cage is no longer available.

Sonny Black is one of the great names in dungeon furniture and was one of the first recognized brands in the kinky equipment market. Many of his pieces ended up in celebrity homes as well as some of the most famous dungeons in the US. He retired many years ago and has seemingly disappeared, so it’s no longer possible to order new pieces. But you’re in luck!

I’ve been holding this gorgeous cage safe and sound since I closed my dungeon 7-ish years ago and have finally decided to let it find a new happy, kinky home.

The cage is in pristine condition and is made of pewter steel. It features a pleather covered padded top with a head hole in the center so that the kinkster trapped inside can pop their head up like a Whack-A-Perv game. Along both long sides of the top secure D-rings are attached as bondage points.

The entrance gate is on one end with sturdy hinges and has another head sized square hole in the center. The inner floor is also covered in padded pleather for easy clean-up and comfort. 

Dimensions:       71 inches long, 33 inches tall, 27 inches wide


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