How to own and train a service submissive – Class Handout

General Tips

+ Training your service submissive is the only way to get them to do exactly what you want, how you want. If you do not teach them and institute required practice sessions then you can never expect them to learn how you want something done, vs. how they would do it.

+ Things are learned through repetition, though it may not seem very exciting to spend time going over and over things, it is necessary if you expect a quick, instinctual response from your sub

+ Be very explicit in your instructions.

+ Use special command words/phrases/gestures to simplify communicating.

+ Structure supports spontaneity!  – By committing to consistent punishments and rewards for various activities you can skip right to the good stuff rather than having to waste time making ‘decisions’.

+ Set your own protocols (aka rules) that suit your needs. They might be about positions, titles/language, etiquette, or how you want certain tasks taken care of.



+ Don’t just read kinky books! Business management, etiquette, and even dog training books all have useful information.

+ Kink Academy has quite a few videos regarding both sides of service from multiple educators (including Mollena, Lucky Albatross, Sarah Sloane, Needlestuck & Sissy Stephanie)

+ If you’re interested in personalize coaching I offer Skype sessions for singles or couples to address your individual needs. You can find more info here


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