Erotic Humiliation – Class Hand Out

General Tips

+ There are three major levels of play: Embarrassment, Humiliation, and Degradation.

+ You can’t use an action as humiliation if the person does not find it humiliating! This kind of psychological play is extremely personalized.

+ Intention is the difference between erotic humiliation & abusive behavior. This is not something to do when angry & the ultimate goal should be a feeling of love & support for the submissive.

+ Recognize that some humiliation fantasies should stay in our minds & NOT be acted out, and that’s ok.



+ Use a deck of index cards to write down words & phrases that turn you on so you can be inspired while you play. Both the dominant and the submissive can & should contribute ideas.

+ Kink Academy has quite a few videos regarding humiliation

+ My first book Enough To Make You Blush: An Introduction to Erotic Humiliation was recently released


  1. Hello,
    I’ve just discovered your site and am anxious to delve deeper. Since you mentioned you’re working on your first book, I suggest care with the writing and the importance of getting a good editor/proofreader. I don’t know your experience level so I’m just saying. I am a published author and I often include kink in my stories.
    Some people are offended at unsolicited concern. I hope you take this in the way it was intended: friendly information.

    David Sullivan

    • David,

      I appreciate the well intentioned advice! I agree, professional level proof-reading for books is crucial for a top notch presentation of information (which is all I’m interested in giving!)


  2. Hello Princess-
    I just found this page and I’m curious if you’ve completed your book on erotic humiliation? As someone who has a deep fetish for this type of play, I find that there is a shortage of information and discussion around it. It seems to be a limit for so many people into other aspects of BDSM, and, when discussed at all, is merely glossed over. I’ve spent a great deal of time with my wife/mistress exploring and pushing limits of erotic humiliation, and we’ve pushed many limits and tried some intense humiliation play without finding much guidance over the years. (I still think back to things she did years ago, and I simultaneously get terrified and aroused simply at the memory.) Anyway, would love to see you put this book out, and hope it’s coming together.

    • Yes! There’s been some bumps in the road but it’s scheduled to be released at the end of this month. I agree, this kind of play is really challenging for many people and there’s not much info on it from a kink education perspective. But there will be soon!

      My book “Enough to Make You Blush: An Introduction to Erotic Humiliation” will be available on Amazon as well as the books site

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