Authentic Domination – class hand out

General Tips

+ Don’t buy into stereotypes about what domination “should” be! There are a lot of different styles of dominance: sensual, strict, tender or even a combination!

+ Confidence is the root of dominance. It’s not about being rude, loud or angry. It’s believing, that for whatever length of time (an hour, a day, a weekend or longer) you are in control. There’s no need to shout about it.

+ Structure supports spontaneity. Investing time in creating some sort of reference point (protocols, a special verbal code to communication, punishment/rewards) will leave your energy for the kinky sexy fun.

+ You don’t have to put on a circus for every kinky scene. Make time for it in your life in whatever way you can. Let things have a shorter “arc” so you can still feel satisfaction.

+ Use the effect of verbal command. Even if something seems obvious, using words and commands to by emphasize the experience of “force” it can transform otherwise mundane actions.



+ Improv classes at your local continuing education program can loosen you up during playtime and help you explore different aspects of yourself.

+ Kink Academy has quite a few videos regarding domination

+ I’m currently developing an online guided course, which will eventually be launched at

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