Practical Kink

My individual coaching clients always get exactly what they came for: straightforward advice, guidance, and empathy on the specific aspects of kink they’re most interested in pursuing. My approach emphasizes application far more than most sexuality educators, so I like to give my coaching clients an idea of the depth of practical knowledge they can expect from working me.

The following list barely scratches the surface of the topics I’m prepared to discuss as a kink coach – in fact, it’s safe to assume that no topic is ever off-limits when you bring your questions about kink to me – but it should serve to demonstrate that you will walk away with far more than encouragement to try adding kink to your sexual experience: you will get explicit instruction and demonstrations on how to perform any kink technique you may be interested in.

Power in Language
The language we use in sex can completely change the experience we’re having, deepening the physical and delving into the emotional and psychological nuances of submission and dominance, pleasure and pain.
We’ll discuss the words in your personal lexicon, where they come from and what they’re associated with for you, and explore how erotic, powerful, and taboo words can change the sexual dynamic completely.
Couples can get a great deal out of this class, discovering that the same words may have completely different effects on each, and learning to speak in one another’s sexual language.

Many people first become curious about kink when they respond favorably to a little light spanking, but spanking can raise serious issues of consent and violence, particularly when women are on the receiving end.
Spanking education will show you how to spank someone or be spanked without crossing the line into abuse. You’ll learn several different techniques for spanking with active follow-along demonstrations, how to gauge your partner’s comfort level, how to communicate exactly what you want from a spanking, and much more.

Responsible Dominance
It’s easy for experiments in dominance to go awry without education; many people new to dominance mistake simply being aggressive and insensitive with being dominant. This interactive class explains the nuances of the power dynamic and helps each individual understand how to form their own dominance approach.
You’ll learn how to regain your dominant self if you slip up, how to retain the power dynamic in a variety of possible situations, and how to be a responsible Dominant to your partner or partners by pushing erotic boundaries instead of just pushing your partner’s buttons.

Creative Humiliation
Humiliation can offer so much to your kink lifestyle, but it’s such a complex and varied fetish that many hesitate to add it to their repertoire for fear of violating their partner’s trust or going too far. Humiliation is definitely a sensitive fetish, but education and communication can help kinky couples enjoy embarassment, degradation, and humiliation in their sexual play without risk – and with a great deal of enjoyment for both.

We’ll discuss dehumanization, chastity training, verbal humiliation, water sports, and how to humiliate happily so that everyone gets what they want out of the experience.

Piss Play
What’s the appeal of a golden shower? If you’ve never explored this intriguing and often-misunderstood fetish, you may be surprised to find its aspects are appealing to you. Piss play can be a simple and playful addition to your kinky adventures, or it can add a whole new level to the possibilities in power dynamics.
You’ll get health information, safety tips, and a boundless ocean of suggestions for how to incorporate piss play into your kinky lifestyle.