Champagne Tastes on a Beer Budget: How to shop like a Pro!

Looking at the array of option of floggers, whips, dildos, corsets, and all the other pervy paraphernalia being peddled can get overwhelming. Working within all types of budgets, Princess Kali will use her expertise to help you determine where your money is best spent, and how to get the most ‘bang’ for your buck.


  1. Q: I’m just starting to explore my kinks & fetishes, what should I purchase before I really know what I like?

A: Start with the ‘vanilla’ items that resemble kink items such as a wooden spoon for a paddle, scarves or neckties for bondage,


  1. Q: I would like to try some more ‘fetishy’ clothes, but where do you shop for those things?

A:  It can be difficult to find things locally


  1. Q: I’m really into a specific kind of corporal punishment (either as a Top or bottom), should I invest in good quality toys of my own?




  1. Q:I’m ready to invest in a top name piece of fetish couture, what should I consider when buying an expensive piece?




  1. Q:I have a spare room that I’d like to turn into a dungeon, where do I start and how do I know what I need?

A: It depends on your interests, but some basic bondage furniture (spanking bench & padded kneeling post), a sturdy chair (with arms for a throne, without arms for OTK), and a roomy dog cage is a good start. Hang some hooks on the wall to keep your toys organized, and include a dressor for storage space and a counter top display area.



  1. Q:When I go to play parties I always bring to much stuff, what should I pack to be prepared but not overloaded?

A: If you’re playing with one person only, try to set a checklist of no more than 4 activites for your scene, then take only what’s necessary. If you need room for spontenaeuty, after your basics are packed choose one item you might decide to use, just in case ; )

  1. Q:Speaking of going to play parties, how should I carry and care for my toys once I have a collection I’m happy with?

A: Look for a small, durable, fashionable suitcase with plenty of zippered pouches (outside & in) for an ‘incognito’ way to carry your toys around. Have a travel set of cleaning supplies in a plastic lined pouch so that you can take care of your items immediately after playing, and don’t forget paper towels!


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Bondage: – leather cuffs, straps, and many other great original designs – Best selection of cotton rope, huge selection of colors – hand conditioned hemp rope (high quality, lots of colors), suspension


Dungeon Furniture/Large Pieces – – high end, ‘designer’ custom made stainless steel dungeon furniture (in CA, expensive)


Electrical Toys: – great variety, good prices, high quality products – vintage violet wands & other fun stuff!


Toybags: – designed to transport BDSM toys (good for light use)


Corporal Punishment: – wide selection of well made single tail whips and floggers – stainless steel paddles, canes, and floggers – handcrafted snake, signal, and bull whips by Victor Tella


Corsets and Fetish Wear: – inexpensive latex clothing for men and women – great prices, lots of styles, large and extra large sizes – Wide selection of in-expensive PVC and spandex, + corsets/costumes – The best fetish shoe guy ever! – fun designs, unique custom creations, wide variety of sizes


Dildo’s and Sex Toys: – Incredible line of stainless steel dildo’s


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