SXSW 2014: A Powerful Week

When I attended & presented at SXSW for the first time in 2013 it was overwhelming due to the sheer size and ‘newness’ of the experience. This year, I felt quite a bit more prepared and that made it an even more powerful event than before.

Hands down my favorite session was Amy Cuddy talking about “Making Yourself Big: How the Body Shapes the Mind” both because she is a dynamic speaker and the topic is absolutely fascinating. In her presentation she talked about the method of using body language to reinforce more confident mindsets. Listening to her was an affirmation of so many things I’ve experienced as a sex educator focusing on power, that the way you hold yourself has a direct effect on how you feel about yourself. Afterwards I went up to thank her for the presentation.

When I mentioned that I had experienced a lot of what she was talking about as a Professional Dominatrix, she laughed and then said “that’s one of the few places women can express their power openly” which was a fantastic response!

I am now going to read up on everything I can from her!

Another presentation I really enjoyed was Blake, the founder of Toms Shoes. I particularly appreciated when he talked about making a mistake that almost cost him the company, one that he felt was so right that he stayed committed to it even when others in the industry told him it was the wrong choice.

As an innovator, it’s hard to know when you should trust your gut and when you should trust the status quo, it’s a fine balance. Knowing that he had experienced that & has since built his company up to be stronger and more diversified is the kind of come-back story a scrappy start-up junkie like myself needs to hear.

On Friday, by the chance meeting of powerhouse Kalli (founder of Startup Chicks) I ended up going to “Non-Tech Women in Tech Startups: Achieving Success” and I’m SO glad I did. Not only is Kalli herself inspiring & ended up being a perfect example of Southby Serendipity, but the discussion happening was a crucial part of my overall take-away from the event.

So many women in that room were facing the same problem, how to be a strong presence in the workplace while fighting the “bitch stigma”.

I stood up & mentioned my presentation happening the following day and that I offered some techniques for dealing with it. Quite a few women ended up attending and gave me really positive feedback.

On Saturday, after 4 months of working, planning, thinking & practicing…it was fantastic to have such a successful delivery of my own presentation. I recognize that my topic had a major ‘salacious’ appeal, in some ways more than any other topic I saw on the itinerary. I know & use that to my full advantage! The room was packed with people even standing in back, many of whom came in for my 15 minute portion which was the last in the hour long block.


I don’t mind using the shock value of my journey to get peoples butts in the seats, but my goal is to leave them thinking about more when they walk out the door.

I feel like that was achieved.

One of the weird/interesting/thought-provoking things that happened because of my presentation was a short back-and-forth with Bill Nye the Science Guy. I hadn’t noticed him in the audience, but afterwards when I came off stage to answer questions a woman I’d met came up and said “Bill Nye the Science Guy is here and he wants to talk to you!” Everyone kind of gave way so he could come up first. Of course my first response was feeling thrilled! While I’m not ‘into’ science I certainly know of him & had recently heard my friends all atwitter about his debate with some religious nut. He’s obviously a smart guy and is held in esteem for good reason. I was flattered he attended my session.

credit @jedwhite

So it was a bit baffling when he walked up to ask his question and “So, how much do you cost?” came out. Not in a playful way, not in an I’m just curious way, but in a derogatory, insistent (he asked three more times “but really, like $100 or $1000 an hour”, even after I’d deflected the question with some humor) sort of way. Afterward, the women who witnessed it (that had remained to talk with me) mentioned they were taken aback by his tone. Also interestingly the men who were around when I had the exchange with Bill Nye have all said that they thought he was “just curious” so it was a very gendered experience.  I have a lengthier more dedicated post brewing so I’ll leave it at that for now, but it was a disappointment that such a smart guy could watch an (otherwise described as insightful) presentation and all he can could up with was what kind of seemed like an attempt at money themed slut shaming.

Other than that small blip though, the day had a very positive response & is resulting in quite a catalyst for me personally (also to be expanded upon in another post!). The synergy of all the discussions I had & witnessed, combined with the presentations I enjoyed with the added other recent changes in my life, equals one very bowled over individual (me!) ready to make some transformations.

credit @carolinechapple

Other Southby Serendipity experiences included meeting Caroline. She introduced herself in the Non-Tech Women class, then attended my presentation and we hit it off incredibly well when grabbing some tea on Sunday. During my presentation she did this fabulous ‘visual note-taking’ and now I’m dreaming up ways to work with her in the future! With my ‘gift of gab’ and her talented hands we’d make quite a presentation power duo!

BedPost Confessions also invited me to participate, so Saturday night, already feeling high on presenters buzz, I went over in the drizzly rain (in my full length leather evening wear!) to share a few stories from my past kinky Vegas escapades. Thankfully the lovely hostesses of the night (Julie & Sadie) were willing to let me ‘shoot from the hip’ so to speak in telling my story, and that’s certainly what I did! While it was one of my more meandering stage shows everyone seemed plenty entertained (thank goodness!) and I am honored to have been a part of the energy of that night. It was a fantastic event, after the storytelling I had an absolutely wonderful time drinking champagne, dancing with sexy ladies & sharing in all the good vibes.

Last year I didn’t make it to any of the evening events but this year I managed it a few nights! Even though I brought 6 pairs of high heels with me (can we say Femme?!) the death traps Austin calls sidewalks convinced me to leave on my flats. If you look at my newly minted Instagram account, you’ll see how much shoes play a part in my world! After BedPost Confessions I went with a few friends to a bar that had one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen (name to come!) where I danced the night away. It was the perfect end to an amazing day. Sunday night though I went to something a bit more #hashtag #trendy & witnessed what many are complaining about sxsw, that it’s getting overly corporate. The Mashable party did have free drinks flowing, but the music was lame, the place was packed full of self-important hipsters and there was smoking inside (yuck). But with a fairly quick exit the night was saved just hanging out with a bunch of friends in a room chatting till the wee hours.

At an event like SXSWi there’s never enough hours in the day to get to everything (I didn’t even contemplate trying to do any of the films this year!) so there were quite a few sessions I didn’t make it to. Some had the problem of standing in line for 30 minutes only to be turned away at the door, things are pretty spread out so it’s hard to get to the 2nd choice in time if the 1st choice doesn’t work out. I wish I had gotten to a lot more of the storytelling presentations, there were quite a few (and were most of the ones I couldn’t get into due to space).

But along with that slight tug of regret is a stronger one of fulfillment. This SXSW was exactly what I needed it to be. Inspirational, connected & successful.

I’m already plotting for next year! See you at #SXSW2015

Erotic Humiliation – Class Hand Out

General Tips

+ There are three major levels of play: Embarrassment, Humiliation, and Degradation.

+ You can’t use an action as humiliation if the person does not find it humiliating! This kind of psychological play is extremely personalized.

+ Intention is the difference between erotic humiliation & abusive behavior. This is not something to do when angry & the ultimate goal should be a feeling of love & support for the submissive.

+ Recognize that some humiliation fantasies should stay in our minds & NOT be acted out, and that’s ok.



+ Use a deck of index cards to write down words & phrases that turn you on so you can be inspired while you play. Both the dominant and the submissive can & should contribute ideas.

+ Kink Academy has quite a few videos regarding humiliation

+ My first book Enough To Make You Blush: An Introduction to Erotic Humiliation was recently released

Authentic Domination – class hand out

General Tips

+ Don’t buy into stereotypes about what domination “should” be! There are a lot of different styles of dominance: sensual, strict, tender or even a combination!

+ Confidence is the root of dominance. It’s not about being rude, loud or angry. It’s believing, that for whatever length of time (an hour, a day, a weekend or longer) you are in control. There’s no need to shout about it.

+ Structure supports spontaneity. Investing time in creating some sort of reference point (protocols, a special verbal code to communication, punishment/rewards) will leave your energy for the kinky sexy fun.

+ You don’t have to put on a circus for every kinky scene. Make time for it in your life in whatever way you can. Let things have a shorter “arc” so you can still feel satisfaction.

+ Use the effect of verbal command. Even if something seems obvious, using words and commands to by emphasize the experience of “force” it can transform otherwise mundane actions.



+ Improv classes at your local continuing education program can loosen you up during playtime and help you explore different aspects of yourself.

+ Kink Academy has quite a few videos regarding domination

+ I’m currently developing an online guided course, which will eventually be launched at

How to own and train a service submissive – Class Handout

General Tips

+ Training your service submissive is the only way to get them to do exactly what you want, how you want. If you do not teach them and institute required practice sessions then you can never expect them to learn how you want something done, vs. how they would do it.

+ Things are learned through repetition, though it may not seem very exciting to spend time going over and over things, it is necessary if you expect a quick, instinctual response from your sub

+ Be very explicit in your instructions.

+ Use special command words/phrases/gestures to simplify communicating.

+ Structure supports spontaneity!  – By committing to consistent punishments and rewards for various activities you can skip right to the good stuff rather than having to waste time making ‘decisions’.

+ Set your own protocols (aka rules) that suit your needs. They might be about positions, titles/language, etiquette, or how you want certain tasks taken care of.



+ Don’t just read kinky books! Business management, etiquette, and even dog training books all have useful information.

+ Kink Academy has quite a few videos regarding both sides of service from multiple educators (including Mollena, Lucky Albatross, Sarah Sloane, Needlestuck & Sissy Stephanie)

+ If you’re interested in personalize coaching I offer Skype sessions for singles or couples to address your individual needs. You can find more info here


A few kinky shopping tips!

woman Shopping Bags SmallQ: I’m just starting to explore my kinks & fetishes, what should I purchase before I really know what I like?

A: Start with the ‘vanilla’ items that resemble kink items such as a wooden spoon for a paddle, scarves or neckties for bondage (be sure to keep safety scissors handy to cut them off in case of tightening!)


Q: I would like to try some more ‘fetishy’ clothes, but where do you shop for those things?

A:  It can be difficult to find things locally unless you live in a big city and even then, many brick & mortor stores have gone by way of the internet highway. A couple of good options are and which have stores in NYC & Philadelphia, respectively. There are of course many more, please feel free to make suggestions in the comment section!)


Q: I’m really into a specific kind of corporal punishment (either as a Top or Bottom), should I invest in good quality toys of my own?

A: Absolutely. If there’s one toy or activity that you know, without a doubt, gets you off….save up if you have to but do some research and purchase a well crafted, long lasting version of that favorite toy. This is true regardless of whether you’re a Top or a Bottom. It is very appropriate, smart even, for a Bottom to have their own toys. That way you never have to hope that your favorite Top has your favorite toy, they can just use yours!


Q:I have a spare room that I’d like to turn into a dungeon, where do I start and how do I know what I need?

A: It depends on your interests, but some basic bondage furniture (spanking bench & padded kneeling post), a sturdy chair (with arms for a throne, without arms for OTK), and a roomy dog cage is a good start. Hang some hooks on the wall to keep your toys organized, and include a dresser for storage space and a counter top display area.


Q:I need a discrete, inexpensive way to keep and carry all of my kinky toys.

A: Look for a small, durable, fashionable suitcase with plenty of zippered pouches (outside & in) for an ‘incognito’ way to carry your toys around. Have a travel set of cleaning supplies in a plastic lined pouch so that you can take care of your items immediately after playing, and don’t forget paper towels!


5 Tips For New Submissives

woman submissive boot on backIf you’re starting to explore your submissive side or starting to experiment with dominance & submission in the bedroom, then there are few things that are important to keep in mind. Regardless of what any erotica or fantasy books & movies might show, there is no “one” right way to be submissive. But there are some general rules that can be a good foundation for figuring out what you need.

1)      You only have to be submissive WHEN you want and to WHO you want. Just because you are exploring your submissive desires does not mean you suddenly have to become a doormat. It also doesn’t mean that you have to submit all the time unless that’s been thoroughly pre-negotiated. You should be able to set boundaries you’re comfortable with and expect them to be respected. If that’s not the case, then it’s not the right situation for exploring submission.

2)      There is no such thing as a “true” submissive. There a joke in the BDSM world that whenever someone decries that they are a “twue” dominant or submissive (see the mocking way ‘true’ becomes ‘twue’) that it’s a sure bet that it’s bullshit. The only TRUE rule is for you to maintain your safety, both physically and healthy. Other than that there are a lot of different ways to experience submission.

3)      It is not solely the dominants responsibility to ensure your safety however. You are an adult and need to vocalize your limits: before, during and after the scene if necessary. The person you’re playing with, no matter how experienced they are, will not be a mind-reader. It’s important (and healthier!) for you to spend time exploring your own desires, needs, dis-likes, etc. Whether you’re doing “pick-up play” or are in a long term relationship, your personal insights will make you a stronger & more confident submissive.

4)      There’s a wide range of submissive ‘identities’ that you might resonate with. A ‘SAM’ (Smart Ass Masochist) or a Brat is a submissive that has a bit of a ‘fighting streak’. A service submissive might feel more like a butler or a major domo. A sexual submissive might focus their energies on an erotic, sensual expression. Maybe you’re a ‘power bottom’, someone who likes to submit to the pain but not necessarily the person. Find what works for you.

5)      If you really want your partner, whether it’s for an hour or more integrated into your daily life, to feel dominant with you, then be supportive of their dominance. Unless you have a negotiated ‘bratty’ dynamic, then don’t do things that challenge or undermine their dominance, especially if they’re new too. Don’t be afraid to initiate a scene by offering your ‘services’ in whatever way is appropriate. If you require your dominant to do ALL the ‘work’ of getting a scene started and keeping it going, you might not get as much play as you want. So recognize you’re part of a team.

Dominance and submission is a two way street. It is important for you to get your needs met, but there’s nothing worse than a “do me” submissive if that isn’t a dynamic the dominant wants to play with. Take responsibility for enjoying an exciting sex life and your partner is likely to be just as enthusiastic!

Bawdy Storytelling – The Defiant Balloons

I tell stories a lot.

Some of my friends lovingly call it “The Kali Show” (well, at least they mostly say it lovingly!)

When I meet new people, or am hanging out with friends or am teaching classes…there’s always a story to tell. I like my stories to entertain and inform and since my life is filled with wacky experiences, I have plenty of stories to pick from!

Last Tuesday I was invited to tell a story at the Friday night Bawdy, so of course I said yes! Ever since I moved back to the Bay Area I’ve been looking forward to pitching a story to Bawdy, and when Dixie, the charismatic founder, said the theme would be “Risky Business” I knew the exact story to tell.

Even though I wasn’t able to make it to the dress rehearsal, I was incredibly impressed with the before-show info that Dixie shared. She sent me a super simple but extremely effective ‘storyboard’ tool to help me plot out the steps in the story to make sure I didn’t get distracted and lose my place. Usually I’m a rather organic storyteller so this one page of putting the details down gave me a great outline to follow once I was up on stage.

Since I joined the event on a slightly last minute basis I already had a commitment later in the evening, so Dixie scheduled me as the first story-teller. Thankfully I got there just in time for the night to begin!

The venue is simple and stylish with a bar and a stage and plenty of space for the audience. The room was packed with pretty much all the seats filled and even more people standing in the back. Dixie really does a fantastic job getting the audience ready and even giving some ‘coaching’ on how to be a great audience. I’ve never seen the technique and it was brilliant! There were a lot of newbies in attendance, the vibe was super supportive & excited for the fun.

After an amusing song (Bi-Curious George) by John Woods of the Wet Spots, it was my turn to get on stage.

(the video focuses after the first 30 seconds or so!)

I tried so hard to stay within the 10 minute time-frame, and I would have if I’d have actually STOPPED at the end of the story, but the educator in me felt the need to crystallize the lesson I learned from the experience. I really do love telling a good story, but I almost always feel compelled for it to have a ‘point’, like Aesop’s Fables or something!

Thank you so much to Dixie, to everyone involved with Bawdy Storytelling and to the fantastic audience. Next time I’ll plan my entire evening around it so I can stay and enjoy everyone until the end!

My “Ah-Ha!” moment as a foot fetishist

While riding shotgun with a friend through the Beacon Hill area I noticed a woman walking down the street taking long confident strides and I couldn’t help but catch My breath. As she took each step the hem of Her long tailored pants came up to show a flash of a stiletto heel boot. I could feel Myself getting turned on by the tease of it and suddenly I realized,

I am officially a foot pervert.

It made Me stop and think about the progression of My foot fetish over the last few years. Before I “discovered” the world of BDSM I had never really thought much about My feet. I had always enjoyed long foot massages from my boyfriends and boy-toys and I remember My first slave in high school placing reverential kisses on My feet at the end of My weekly back rub, but I had never zeroed in on the pleasure that can come from extended foot play. When I moved to Boston and placed some pictures on the web looking for modeling jobs I received an invitation to a “foot worship party” in New York City. Though I had never heard the term before, I have considered Myself an Adventurer of Life so I bought a bus ticket and off I went.

What I found there honestly changed My life. I saw men of all ages crawling on the ground kissing, massaging, licking and being stepped on by the feet of all different kinds of Women. For the first hour or so I just walked around watching all the delicious action and absorbing this wonderful new activity that I had never considered before. I don’t remember all the details of My first session but I know that it was his first worship session too and W/we were both delighted by the experience. I started going to New York to attend the foot parties on a monthly basis and learned everything I could from the guys that knelt at My feet; what they enjoyed about feet, what their first foot fetish memory was, the difficulty in finding a “vanilla” Woman who enjoys having her feet worshiped. As time went on I enjoyed My foot sessions more and more and found Myself especially interested in foot domination. This of course led to Me learning more about BDSM as a whole and becoming the Princess you know and adore today.

I have been the Hostess of Footnight New England for over two years now, and every month that I hold an event I am blown away by the feeling of joy I receive at seeing the looks on both the men and the women who attend for the first time. I have had men in their 50’s come to Me with tears in the eyes saying that though they have had the fetish since they were 5 or 6, this is the first time they have ever actually worshiped feet. I have women who attend that come because it sounds interesting and possibly profitable and discover that they genuinely enjoy having a man worship and pamper Her feet.

Now, years later, My foot fetish is a regular part of My lifestyle. I have a few loyal foot slaves who pamper Me with everything from regular pedicures and foot massages to designer shoes and extensive worshiping. I find that a session doesn’t feel complete to Me unless there has been some time spent with My slut sucking on My soles. I enjoy cultivating a strong scent by wearing My socks for a couple of days or slipping on My used slippers before forcing My foot-slut to take long deep inhalations of the pungent odor coming from between My toes. Quite simply My feet will never go unworshiped again!

This was originally posted on my FemDomme porn site in 2005

The progression of a professional pervert….

rocks in water smallI’ve always been rather sexually adventurous, so when many people ask me out I got into this profession I explain that it was a rather simple stepping stone process.

I remember when I first started stripping and I found it to be empowering rather than degrading. My self-confidence grew, my assertiveness grew stronger and I found myself more *in* my body than ever before.

When I got into Professional Domination I was 22 and thought it was a blast. It was a way to express my “mean streak” safely and consensually AND get paid for it! Voila! The perfect job. I used to call myself “kinky for cash” because even though I was really good at Domination I still didn’t think (or admit) that I actually was really in to it. All of my sessions, from the very beginning came from a place of authenticity, so when I say kinky for cash I don’t mean to say that I wasn’t genuinely enthusiastic. But I saw it as more of a fun game and a way to earn a good living rather than anything else.

I remember the first time I thought to myself, “Wow, I really am a pervert”. I was in the passenger side seat of a friends car, and looking out the window I saw a women in professional attire including long crease pants, striding down the street. She looked strong and determined which is a look and attitude I’ve always appreciated in women. But then I saw a flash of her high heel as she took a step and the lengthy pants rose up to reveal just a glimpse of the stiletto. I was instantly horny. Which frankly, took me by surprise. That’s when I realized that it was not just a ‘fun job for awhile’ it was something I was really interested in and enjoyed.

Right now I call myself the “theoretical pervert” because I’m working so hard trying to help others explore their kink I don’t have the time or energy to express mine. But that’s something I’m willing to sacrifice for awhile to reach my goals. I can remember being 22 years old and standing on the sidewalk after a session, talking to my mother saying “Mom, it’s not like I’m going to do this forever” and now, 10+ years later, which certainly isn’t forever but it is a damn long time! I have found that sexuality, and most specifically kinky sexuality is a calling for me. Being an educator, being a Pro Domme, being a kinky coach… I’ve had the opportunity to help guide and inspire kinky development and I am completely honored by that.

Teaching Kink is like a Soulgasm

woman sparklersinhandsTeaching kink is totally my high. When I get up in front of a class to present my thoughts and experiences with perversion, I get in a totally euphoric state. After teaching for so many years I’ve thought a lot about why that is, and why it is so thoroughly awesome.

Growing up, it was obvious to me that good girls didn’t really talk about sex, and that bad girls did. And that being a bad girl definitely sounded more fun. I have spent most of my life knowing that the world felt that I was being “inappropriate” whenever I talked about sex, or said sexual words, or acted in sexually curious way. But thankfully I have also spent most of life knowing that “the world” doesn’t always know what’s best.

I’ve always loved the way that people open up to me about their inner most thoughts and desires. That’s heavy stuff, and I feel honored that people feel like they can trust me not to judge them. Because I don’t judge. I mean, I do judge what I personally want to engage in, and which experiences I might personally enjoy. But I DON’T judge whether I think that person is right or wrong to enjoy what they enjoy. As long as it’s between consenting, conscientious adults, then my philosophy is truly, “go for it!”

When I teach to groups, sometimes the class is filled with new adventurers, and some-times it’s filled with those that consider themselves to be a “seen that, done that” crowd. But either way, it’s a challenge for me, and it’s a challenge that really pumps me up.

Anyone who’s seen me teach knows how excited I get. In fact I frequently start the class with a joke about what a happy wiggling little pervert I am. I actually get breathless with the excitement of sharing my positive experiences with groups of people who might then go out and feel a little (or a lot!) better about enjoying what they do. To teach is to learn, and both are incredibly joyful for me. Teaching others continuously inspires me, and it’s an up-lifting experience to also inspire others.

The comment I receive most frequently after my classes is that my enthusiasm is infectious and appreciated (the only time when being called infectious is a good thing ;). I have a very spontaneous style, and even though I always have extensive notes, (easier to steer back from tangents that way!) it is important to me to let the classes happen organically too. I tell stories, I answer questions, I encourage comments. I am both an entertainer and an educator, because I believe that when people are having fun, they learn more. And just as importantly, that if I’m not having fun, then I certainly can’t expect my audience to.

Which why I go into each and every presentation with the express intent of sharing just how much fun this kinky stuff can be. I want to show that it can go far, far beyond the bedroom. It can build self confidence, and emotional intimacy. It can stretch the imagination, and the expectations & assumptions we all have about ourselves and our partners. I get to share that with people on a regular basis, and it’s taught me one thing for certain. That my most treasured experience, and life’s mission is helping others find creativity & acceptance in their sexual proclitivities. Which is why I get in such a tizzy when I’m teaching. It’s like a soul orgasm.